Snow Tubing Hot Spots in North Georgia

    The North Georgia Mountains are home to countless vacation attractions – fishing, hiking, lakes, rivers, cabins and SNOW TUBING! The snow tubing tradition that started in the Alps has made its way over to Southeastern United States.  Sprinkled throughout the northern mountainous area are places to relax and hit up a nearby snowy mountain.  Near the border of North Carolina, North Georgia is the prime spot to visit in order to take full advantage of the surrounding nature adventures.

    A Rocky Morning

    Covered with five football fields of snow and only an hour and half south of North Georgia sits Atlanta’s own Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park.   Snow Mountain offers family-sized as well as single rider tubes that are available to you to slide down a 400-foot hill on one of twenty snowy lanes.  Not only is there snow tubing but there is also snowman building and snowball shooting.  After playing in the snow until your mittens are frozen, cuddle up with your loved ones by a fire pit while roasting s’mores or grab a snack at the SnoDeck.

    Venturing outside of Georgia but only an hour’s ride north of White County, Georgia is Scaly Mountain in North Carolina.  Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center holds an option of skiing for more experienced snow goers, but regardless of experience snow tubing here is something that should not be missed and can be enjoyed by the entire family!  The “magic carpet” lift offers a unique ride to the top of the snow tubing slopes.  Along with skiing and snow tubing, Scaly Mountain also offers more fun for the family with an outdoor ice skating rink as well as a place to warm up and fill up at the Downhill Grill.

    Cataloochee Ski Area is a bit further north and claims to have the most advanced snowmaking system in the Southeast so you won’t have to worry about weather here at all!  Cataloochee’s Tube World holds six lanes of snow tubing in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  You are sure to find a quality ride as well as a convenient treck back to the top on their carpet lift; before you know it you will be ready for another go down the slope! Be sure to stop by the lodge on the way out to enjoy a beautiful fire and a warm beverage.

    If you are open to a further drive from North Georgia, then North Carolina offers even more snow tubing areas such as Sapphire Valley Ski Area, Sugar Mountain Resort or Hawksnest Resort.  Fortunately, North Georgia already has plenty of snow tubing options to offer so you needn’t venture far!  Before heading to the mountains, make sure to look up operating hours (usually open weekends and holidays, between December and March), height and age regulations as well as any reservation requirements that might be necessary.  Don’t let this exciting group outing sled by you – get out and tube!

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    1. I´ve never done snow tubing before and it looks like so much fun, it is something I for sure want to do and take my family with me as well I´m sure my kids will love it. and this place in Georgia seems like the perfect way to go, I´ll really consider it for my next vacation I hope things go well this year and I can take my family to a cold fun adventure.

    2. This is a very interesting article. I have never heard of snow tubing before today but it sounds like a great family vacation idea. I will definitely have to look up more information on the topic.

    3. Snow tubing is so much fun! I take the kids every single winter and they absolutely love it! it’s a great way to get them outside and active. True fun.

    4. I’ve never been to Georgia. To be honest, I’ve never wanted to go there either. However, after seeing the picture you posted, I do wanna go to George. Seems like a really beautiful place.

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