6 Winter Activities to Do on Rottnest Island

    Rottnest Island is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and sunny weather. So, deciding what to do there in summer is a no brainer. But is there anything fun to do on Rotto (as locals like to call it) in winter? You bet.

    With its mild weather, natural attractions, amazing tours, and family activities, Rottnest Island is Western Australia’s main island destination all year round.

    Check out these 6 winter activities that will put Rotto on top of your ‘favourite places’ list.

    Snorkelling and Diving

    Snorkelling in winter? Before you dismiss it as an impossible winter activity, you should know that the water around Rottnest is quite warm thanks to the Leeuwin current and the fact that the temperatures in winter aren’t so different than those in summer. Don’t forget that you’ll be wearing a wetsuit as well. If you need more convincing, the underwater visibility is the best during the winter months. However, bear in mind that it’s still winter, so make sure to stick to the sheltered bays and check the weather forecast beforehand.

    Bike Tours

    The best way to experience Rottnest Island is by bike. Cycling is not only fun for all ages but it’s also environmentally friendly. Don’t forget to pick up a map from the Visitor Centre upon arrival so that you can enjoy the Island’s beauty to the fullest. You can choose from regular and electric bikes but wearing a helmet is obligatory.

    Bus tour

    Cycling is great, but when the weather is bad, consider taking the bus. Rotto’s bus tours are perfect for those who want to see more in less time. Jump on and off at the Island’s main attractions, bays, and beaches at your convenience. Enjoy the West End, Wadjemup lighthouse, and the breathtaking views of Rottnest Island. You can book your tickets online, or buy them from the Main Bus Stop or the Visitor Centre.

    Family Fun Park

    The Island’s fun park is the perfect place to entertain children (and adults) of all ages. When the weather is nice, enjoy outdoor activities like mini golf and or trampolines. If the winter weather decides to surprise you with some rain, switch to indoor fun which includes pinball machines, arcade games, basketball hoops, pool table, and racing cars. When you get tired, enjoy waffle cones, homemade crepes, ice-cream, coffee, or cold drinks.

    Visit the Museum

    If the weather is rainy or really windy, that doesn’t mean you should stay in your hotel room. Learn about Rottnest’s rich history, which includes stories about the Aboriginal prisoners and the many shipwrecks near the island. The museum also includes info on Rotto’s most popular animal – the quokka, as well as the island’s ecology and geology.


    Taking a leap from a plane will not only give you an adrenaline rush; it’ll also allow you to enjoy the amazing view of Rotto’s sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The trained experts will make sure you feel safe and comfortable as you experience the beauty of Western Australia’s gorgeous coastline. Once you land on the beach, enjoy a complimentary wine or beer to celebrate this exciting experience. Give the guys at Skydive Geronimo a call on 1300 449 669 or visit the to book your jump.

    After spending a few days on Rotto and experiencing its winter charm, you’ll discover another side of the island. There’s something special about this place, even when the weather isn’t perfect. Visit Rottnest Island any time of the year, and you’ll cherish the memories for a lifetime.

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