7 Things Solo Travellers Can Do in Sydney

    Traveling solo? Who says it will be lonely and unexciting. In a city like Sydney, even the most introverted person can find something thrilling to do. So, if you are a solo traveler in Sydney, here are several things to you can try in the city:

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    1.     Sip Wine and Not Feel Alone

    Australia is not the first country that comes to mind when it comes to sampling new wines. Still, Sydney has great many wine bars where you can spend your time sipping delectable wines and listen to music. Wine bars are also great places to find new people to meet. Even if you are by yourself, you will be too busy sampling wine to care.

    2.     Sample Australian and Exotic Cuisine

    Whether you are by yourself or with a group, there’s one thing everyone can enjoy doing in Sydney: eating. Thanks to the diverse, cosmopolitan nature of the city, Sydney is brimming is restaurants and eateries of all manners, shapes, and sizes. It’s not hard to find a good restaurant in Sydney where you can indulge in a cuisine from a faraway place without hurting your wallet. You can try traditional Aussie cuisine, spicy Asian dishes, or foods you have never heard from in Sydney. So, do make plenty of time in your schedule to find a good place to eat at.

    3.     Picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens

    The Royal Botanical Gardens in the city is the foremost place to be yourself. You can enjoy contemplative strolls, go jogging or sit and enjoy nature here. You can also go on picnics. Bring a book along to enjoy some quality time by yourself surrounded by verdant scenery.

    4.     Indoor Skydiving

    You don’t need a partner to jump off a plane. In Sydney, you can actually skydive without any need to jump off of anything. Go to iFly Indoor Skydiving in Penrith to experience the thrill of floating in the air without any of the associated dangers. You will be guided by an instructor. No one else needs to be there either.

    5.     High-Tech Golfing

    Why not spend your time golfing in the city? You can spend the time by yourself without interruptions or find a good gold buddy. Sydney does have good golf courses, but the best place to golf is Golf in the City, a high-tech golfing area with over 80 stimulation courses. The arena also has a charming bar. After a round or two of golf in a stimulated fantasy environment, you can enjoy a chilled beer and exchange gold tips with a bar buddy.

    6.     Cooking Lessons

    Go to Chef Up! To actually learn a skill while traveling to Sydney. This place offers group cooking lessons to anyone who wants to learn how to prepare a delicious three-course meal without a hassle. The experience is quite exciting and involves themes and games too.

    7.     Meet New People at Singles Bars

    Traveling alone is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and possibly other singles like you. Sydney has plenty of singles and “pickup” bars that you can hit to drink all you want and chat with likeminded people.

    Reserve some time in your schedule between attractions to try one or two of the above.

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