Awesome German City Destinations Not To Be Missed During Your Summer Vacation

    Deciding to make a booking and spend a few days in Germany this year could be the change your family needs. For too long, British people have flocked to Spain, Italy, and other European countries overrun with tourists and “Only Fools & Horses” reruns, but is it really worth spending all that money to see the same of beaches and the same old bars every single year? I argue that it most definitely isn’t. I can understand why some of the older generation might be hesitant towards a Germany trip, but at the end of the day, if you’re under 70 years old, you should have no grudge against this most interesting and vibrant of communities.

    So, I’m going to highlight some of the best city destinations you’ll want to visit during your trip. Obviously, Germany is quite a large country, and so you might need to hire a car when you first arrive to ensure you’re able to fit see everything. That said; there is a pretty good public transport system here, as you might imagine.


    Situated alongside the river Elbe in Saxony, Dresden is a truly magical destination with lots to see and do for young couples and their families. Here, you’ll find some pretty amazing 5* restaurants and many bars in which to relax during the evening time. You can also hop on board one of the many boats docked here and take a tour of the river for around twenty miles in either direction. Make sure you also visit some of the world famous art treasures entrusted to the city.

    Dresden photochrom2
    DresdenDetroit Publishing Co. / Foter / Public domain


    If you want to see the place where it all happens, then you mustn’t overlook Berlin. As the capital city, you can expect to find a wealth of museums and a number of world-class concert halls, guaranteed to blow you away in the evening time. Although Germany is very forward thinking when it comes to music, you can still find traditional orchestras playing Richard Wagners classic compositions from before the Second World War. If you need to book good quality accommodation, and similar websites are usually good.

    Brandenburger Tor Nachts
    BerlinFoter / CC BY-SA


    You might well think the name of this city sounds a little Italian, and you’d be right! This area was founded and named by Roman invaders in around 20BC, and so, as you can imagine, there is a lot of amazing architecture to see. As with most places in German though, the original buildings are few and far between, although many have been rebuilt to their former design and glory.

    Cologne Cathedral in HDR
    Colognew4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


    If you want to spend your days mixing with the creative people in Germany, then you definitely need to head over to the East, and specifically to Weimar. This place is one of the most culturally vibrant in the country, and so many leading artists and thinkers have chosen to set up home here. Goethe, Bach, and Nietzsche all had residences here in the past, and the city is also known as the cradle of the Bauhaus movement.

    Belvedere Castle
    Weimar*Light Painting* / Foter / CC BY

    Well folks, you should now have some great ideas about which places you’d live to visit during your European summer trip. Germany never receives the same amount of tourists as some of her neighbours, but this is something we should be aiming to change very soon.

    Make sure you take your camera!

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