Bundi – a perfect honeymoon spot

    Most honeymooners planning their vacation in India will come across many known places such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. There is one place though that offers a treasure-trove of love and is hidden amidst the regular bustling crowd. Bundi, a magnificent town near Kota has a fairy tale quality about it. This charming place has palaces and forts to provide you a feel of royalty and is surrounded by beautiful trees, mountain range, and rivers. It’s the perfect getaway for any couple who requires peace of mind and tranquillity to start a new life together.

    Bundi offers tons of places to visit out of which the following are a must see.


    Bundi is touted as the City of Stepwells and it begins right at RanijikiBaori, also known as Queen’s Stepwell. It was built in 1699 and has multi-stories that have beautiful carvings of Elephants with trunks turned inwards to give an impression that they have drunk from the baori. The entire architecture along with its high arched gate is a beautiful masterpiece in itself.

    Also, visit the DabhaiKund or the Jail Kund that has an inverted pyramid shape that takes you to the water. The path leading will daze you, lovers, since each step is designed with intricate carvings on them. The Nagar SagarKund also has a set of twin step wells that were designed to store and provide water during times of famine.

    2.Forts and Palaces

    The Taragarh Fort in Bundi is one of the most impressive structures standing since 1345. The palace is perfect to stroll around while holding hands and reliving the palatial life. Its Rajput style carvings and build will surely bring you guys into an ecstatic state. Another famous place to visit is the SukhMahal, a summer retreat palace that has a beautiful surrounding to mesmerize your senses. It’s also credited to be the place where Rudyard Kipling wrote Kim.

    The number of palaces in Bundi has no limit and you will be stunned at the various architectural marvels that were built by the Rajput in their era. The ChatarMahar is one of the best ones to visit for understanding the Rajputana rule. You can also visit the PhoolMahal standing at the Phool Lake for its contemporary construction, BadalMahal that exhibits beautiful paintings on the walls, and the unmatched MotiMahal that offers a picturesque view of the town.

    Another popular place is the Pillared Cenotaph or ChaurasiKhambonkiChattri that has 84 columns with carvings of various animals. The structure was built by RaoAnirudh, Maharaja of Bundi in honor of his beloved wet nurse, Deva.


    Bundi has multiple lakes built for various purposes and each of them has a romantic view to offer. The Lake JaitSagar, located near to the Taragarh Fort is beautifully placed amidst the hills and is covered with lotus flowers that bloom during the monsoon and winter seasons.

    The Lake Naval Sagar is an artificial lake that offers a reflection of palaces and forts nearby. It also hosts a couple of small islands in its womb and has a semi-submerged temple of Lord VarunDev in its center. Lovers can find a natural retreat in the Lake KanakSagar as it is home to several migratory birds through the year. If you have been to the PhoolMahal, do visit the PhoolSagar Lake that was a personal property of the royal family.

    Bundi surely comes up as a must-see offbeat place for honeymooners in India. Planning honeymoon in India can seem daunting but help from professionals such as can surely make your romantic getaway easy.

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