Cruising Along The Yarra River

    Welcome to Australia’s fastest-growing city, Melbourne. It is ranked as one of the best cities in the world. Melbourne is an important city to Australia in general as a commercial, cultural and financial center. Apart from the cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendly locals, it has magnificent tourist attractions.

    The river is a major tourist attraction as it has beautiful scenery along its route. Let’s have a look at some of the places to visit as you cruise along the Yarra River.

     Experience the Serenity of Herring Island.

    Located approximately 3km from the city center, Herring Island covers 3.2 hectares in the middle of the Yarra River. It hosts Sculpture Park, where globally renowned artists like John Davis, Ellen Jose, Andy Goldsworthy, and others have their magnificent works of art.

    Enjoy the diverse flora and fauna at Herring Island, including cormorants, magpies, manna gum trees, honeyeaters, flying foxes, and bats.

    The summer arts festival at Herring Island is hosted at the old scout hall, which was remodeled into a gallery. Have a brief stop and enjoy a picnic under the numerous shelters. You can also partake of the free electric barbeques, walking trails, picnic tables, and water fountains.

    Take advantage of the Yarra river cruises and have a memorable time with family and friends.

    Take a Past Era Trip

    Explore the beauty of Melbourne’s waterways by riding on a vintage steam-powered boat. These are two in number and depart from critical locations along the river. Enjoy a trip back in time and soak up the relaxing atmosphere of a past era.

    Get on a 95-year-old boat that has been refurbished to its former glory called the MV Grower. You can also get a ride on a steam cruiser known as MV Eureka and swing back to the 1930s.

    The Yarra river cruises come in two parts. You can go either up or down the river within 30 minutes for each ride. The other one is a one-hour cruise that explores both ends. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy the stunning views of the city on a serene and vintage steamboat.

    The public and private cruises are available any time, day or night. Public cruises have a daily departure time from Berth 2 Southbank, where you can enjoy Melbourne’s icons such as:

    • Princess Bridge
    • Crown Water Front
    • The Botanic Gardens
    • MCG Stadium
    • Yarra Boat Sheds
    • Polly Woodside
    • Birrarung Marr
    • Yarra’s Edge
    • Morrell Bridge.

    Moomba Festival                          

    In March, a festival known as Moomba is held in Melbourne, and it’s Australia’s biggest free community festival. It is celebrated over labor weekend and attracts enormous crowds from all over Australia who camp along river Yarra. The Moomba Carnival has some of the most exciting rides and attracts renowned water athletes from around the globe who battle to win the Moomba Masters title.

    The Birdman Rally is where players attempt to fly across the Yarra river from a platform with wings attached. All these are done for charity donations.

    As the nightlife comes alive, the skyline is lit with beautiful fireworks. Attending the Moomba festival is one way to enjoy the Yarra river cruises.

    Explore Nature’s Paradise – Royal Botanic Gardens

    Located on the southern end of the Yarra river, come close to the most elegant flora and fauna at Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. Set up in 1846, this garden covers over 38 hectares and is home to over 50,000 different plant species. Some of the plants are native, while others are not. It is divided into two sites, Melbourne and Cranbourne.

    Take your little ones to Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden. Let them enjoy and soak in the richness of the diverse collection. There is also the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, which gives you a past view of Australia’s rich and distinct culture.

    There is a feature in the garden known as The Tan. It’s a running track and visited by sports enthusiasts, locals, and tourists. Take time and have a picnic near Ornamental Lake, where various serene and green spots are available.

    Melbourne Gardens plays host to moonlight cinema and theatre shows during the summer season.

    The Yarra River is the soul of Melbourne. Get a feel of the city’s icon attractions through Yarra river cruises. Experience the serenity of Herring Island, ride down a past era in a steamboat and attend the Moomba festival. Breath in the richness of the over 50,000 species of flora and fauna. Finally, relax as you have a picnic near Ornamental Lake.

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