French Alps: The 6 Most Beautiful Places to Ski, Hike and More

    1. Chamonix, Haute-Savoie

    The famous rack railway that departs from Chamonix takes you to the Montenvers site at 1913 m with a magnificent panorama of the Mer de Glace glacier, the Drus, and the Grandes Jorasses.

    On-site, a visit to the ice cave is a journey into the heart of the glacier, recut every year, describing the life of the mountain dwellers at the beginning of the 19th century. It can be reached either by a footpath, about 20 minutes walk, or by gondola: be careful, about 580 steps separate the arrival of the gondola from the entrance of the cave.

    The Aiguille du Midi – the highest cable car in France! Easily accessible, a large car park awaits you at the entrance to Chamonix.

    The Aiguille du Midi is the absolute dream, the place you have seen at least once in your life! For skiers and their guides, in winter it is the starting point for the mythical Vallée Blanche, which leads to Montenvers and Chamonix via the Mer de Glace.

    2. Evian (Évian-les-Bains), Haute-Savoie

    Elegantly situated on the border between France and Switzerland, Evian is internationally renowned for its medicinal waters, which attract health-conscious visitors from all over the world. It is France’s most famous wellness resort, known for its hydrotherapeutic treatments for digestive and metabolic disorders.

    Evian stretches like an amphitheater over the slopes of the Chablais Prealps on the southern shore of Lake Geneva (the highest point in the region is the Dent d’Oche, 2222 m). More precisely, the town’s real name is Evian-les-Bains, which describes its importance as a spa town since the mid-19th century. The mineral water of the same name has an international reputation and can also be found in German supermarkets. Numerous thermal facilities make the place a popular destination for health-conscious people and make it a preferred french alps summer holiday.

    3. Grenoble, Isère

    Capital of the Alps and the Dauphiné, important university and research city, city of art and culture… Grenoble has a lot to offer!

    Mountains are omnipresent in Grenoble, the largest city in the High Alps. The massifs of Belledonne (2,980 m), Vercors (2,350 m), and Chartreuse (2,082 m) frame the old capital of the Dauphiné.

    Even on the valley floor of the Drac and Isère, two small cones rise cheekily. And yet: Grenoble is the flattest city in France. It is therefore perfect for exploring on foot and with one of the many city bikes.

    The old town with the busy squares, the city villas, and the picturesque commercial streets, lined with old houses; the countless museums with their valuable collections; the parks and gardens that invite relaxation such as the Paul Mistral Park, the Garden of Plants and the Park of the Emerald Isle; or the impressive panorama with the surrounding mountain ranges from the Bastille are definitely worth a discovery visit.

    4. Val-d’Isère, Isère

    Located in Savoy, at the top of the Haute-Tarentaise, Val d’Isère is a mountain village at an altitude of 1850 m. Chalets made of wood and stone, slate roofs, and a baroque church – Val d’Isère is an international resort that has retained its charm and authenticity. From November to May it benefits from an exceptionally high level of snow reliability, giving it its status as a ‘ski mecca’. In summer, the resort changes color and welcomes you to the beautiful landscapes of the Vanoise National Park. It attracts a very cosmopolitan clientele.

    A place with such a great potential for activities that inspire people all over the world has developed enormously to this day and is far from tired of making more of itself than just being a great ski resort. It is also a fantastic place for hiking, water sports, spiritual experiences, and last but not least, up here in the Alps the sun shines all year round and, depending on the season, transforms this beautiful natural landscape into a fairytale paradise to linger in.

    5. Annecy, Haute-Savoie

    Are you looking for a nice weekend or day trip destination in France? Look no further!

    You should definitely visit Annecy, in Haute-Savoie. In summer or winter, you will have enough to do to enjoy 2 or 3 great days!

    At Camping La Ravoire and Camping Les Fontaines, numerous excursions to the main tourist sites of the region are at your disposal: Annecy (the Venice of the Alps), La Clusaz (the capital of the Aravis Mountains), the charming lakeside village of Annecy from Talloires and its excellent restaurants or the castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard. You can also take a day trip to Mont Blanc. Imagine taking the little train from Chamonix to the Mer de Glace (Sea of ​​Ice), the largest glacier in France. Take a short walk through an impressive gorge to the Gorges de Fier. Visit a unique and magical place between Albertville and Annecy to discover a majestic waterfall and the Seythenex cave in the heart of the Massif de Bauges. Or how about a visit to the Bell Museum near Annecy? A great idea for a visit to discover Savoyard art and traditions.

    6. Chambéry, Savoie

    Today’s Chambery is a small town housing the French Alpine Rifle Battalion. Clothing factories have long been the basis of the industry. The journey from Paris takes about 3 hours, passing through a beautiful picturesque area.

    Most of Chambery’s unique attractions are located on the territory of the Old Town. Here you can see the magnificent church of Sant Francesc de Sales. The founding history is very interesting. The church was built on the difficult marshland. The solid foundation was built so that the building would not be destroyed. Most of the donations for the church building were allocated precisely to the foundation. The main value of the old church is the organ, which was installed there right after the opening. It is considered one of the best in the region.

    The main attraction of the excursion is the visit of the old dukes of Savoy Castle from the 13th century. Today the entire territory of the castle is open to tourists. Its guests have the opportunity to tour the corners of the castle. This became world famous for the fact that it once housed the legendary shroud of Jesus Christ, which was then moved to Turin.

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