How Hotels Can Survive the Coronavirus

    2020 has been a year of social hardship and uncertainty. Coronavirus is an airborne respiratory disease that easily spreads from person to person through droplets. The disease started as an outbreak but quickly worsened into a global pandemic, with over a million cases and thousands of deaths worldwide. Many small businesses have suddenly closed throughout the United States and unemployment is the highest its ever been. Economic conditions in response to this crisis have made it more difficult for the tourism industry to survive. When too many people stay home, hotels are less able to thrive. Amenities people typically enjoy, like restaurants and fitness centers, also suffer as a result.

    Lockdown regulations are loosening this summer, but hotel managers are expected to continue enforcing safety precautions. Following a clearly detailed, organized guide will improve how managers communicate with both staff and clients during this unpredictable time.

    Engage With Digital Marketing

    Business executives like Larry Muller can help all kinds of businesses succeed with dynamic technology. Applying a creative message that alludes to relaxation and entertainment can remind customers what a hotel is really about. Different apps, programs and websites can help reinforce this message. It’s important for hotels to use creative marketing without sacrificing social distancing guidelines. Websites that appear visually stunning describe travel as something ideal and worthwhile. An effective branding strategy will attract more guests and makes it easier for hotels to thrive again.

    Keep Flattening the Curve

    To help flatten the curve, government officials require people to keep a safe social distance of six feet. The practice doesn’t eliminate the virus but instead reduces the pace of the disease. Additionally, many want to see the economy reopen, as they are hoping for a quick economic recovery. Although lockdowns are ending, the coronavirus is still looming and is not going away soon. Hotel directors strongly recommend housekeeping and other essential staff to make sure every client feels safe. Facial covering, safe handwashing and limited social gatherings will protect clients from exposure to a viral illness. Advocating for this behavior will help hotels generate success.

    Sanitize and Clean Objects

    Fundamentally, hotel managers benefit from establishing a risk management plan. Cleaning products with disinfectants is essential since there is so much social activity each day. Housekeeping staff will have to wear gloves and use antiseptic wipes to clean doorknobs, window glass, and surface tops. Mopping tile floors in restaurants and kitchens is also important. An effective housekeeping team operates on a routine that values safety and health and takes great lengths to prevent viral spread. Competent hotel management communicates with customers by posting socially conscious signage in lobbies and hallways.

    The best hotels will hopefully continue to provide effective customer service in spite of coronavirus. It’s easier for people to travel across state lines than to book international flights. Road trips will become popular this summer and gas prices are rising as a result. Hotels must expect greater customer attendance and remind staff to abstain from physical contact as much as possible. Customers should remember to bring their sanitation supplies and wipe surfaces regularly. Until the medical industry releases a vaccine to the public, hotel directors must implement a thorough service overhaul.

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