Should I go to Thailand for my Hair Transplant?

    thailandMedical tourism is all the rage these days.  Procedures are often cheaper, yet just as safe, in other countries.  Thailand is one of the hottest destinations right now.  In fact, medical tourism is a major industry there because of the outstanding medical care provided by world-renown plastic surgeons and hair transplantation specialists.

    Before you schedule your hair transplantation and buy your plane ticket to Thailand, there are some pros and cons you should consider.

    Pros of Hair Transplants in Thailand

    There are several benefits of traveling abroad for your hair restoration.

    Top-Notch Doctors

    Thailand is a world leader in providing state of the art medical care.  Many hair transplant specialists have studied in Europe or North America.  They are also board certified in one or more specialties.  Additionally, most are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

    Advanced Procedures

    Hair transplant surgeons in Thailand offer many of the same procedures as doctors in North America – the most common being strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction.  Additionally, many Thailand specialists offer services that American surgeons don’t; Thailand specialists routinely construct beard and body hair too.

    Flexible Scheduling

    Have you ever scheduled an elective surgery in North America?  How long did you have to wait?  Probably a real long time.  In Thailand, the process is much quicker.  After submitting your paperwork for approval, you can be under anesthesia in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

    Reduced Rates

    It is highly unlikely that your hair transplantation will be covered by insurance.  Therefore, you’ll be facing quite a hefty out-of-pocket expense.  The price of a hair transplant varies by the type of procedure, number of grafts, and experience of the doctor.  However, a safe estimate is about $5 or $6 per graft.  Since you’ll probably need anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 grafts, the procedure quickly becomes quite pricey.  On the other hand, you can purchase a medical vacation package that includes the cost of a hotel room, the procedure, and a vacation for less than the cost of a US transplant.

    Vacation Abroad

    Speaking of vacations, when was the last time you took one?  And how often do you get to travel abroad?!  Medical tourism is the perfect excuse for some rest and relaxation.  Plus, the experience forces you to get out of your cultural bubble and try something new.  You will need to spend a few days recovering after your surgery – no matter where you get it done.  Why not spend those days somewhere exotic? And you can always check for deals on Expedia hotels online to cut down your costs on accommodation.

    Con of Hair Transplants in Thailand

    With all those wonderful benefits, it can be easy to overlook one very big disadvantage; your Thailand hair transplantation takes place in Thailand.  That is a long ways away.  What happens if you have a bad reaction to the procedure once you come home?  It’s not like you can run down the street for a quick consultation with the surgeon.  Unless you plan to stay in Thailand for several weeks after the procedure to make sure any potential danger has passed, you could be putting yourself in a very precarious position.

    Hair Transplants in Thailandjosemanuelerre / Foter / CC BY-ND

    No Matter Where You Get a Hair Transplant, Do Your Research

    A hair transplant in Thailand is easier, just as safe, and much less expensive.  However, you still need to take the same precautions you would here at home.  Do some research about the training and experience of the potential surgeon.  Conduct an interview with the prospective doctor to ask questions; make sure you receive satisfactory answers.  Lastly, inquire about recommendations from past patients.

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