The Ultimate Guide to Mekong River Cruise

    Looking for your new vacation destination? Well, stop your search because you will want to explore the Mekong River once you read everything about it. This majestic river is the biggest one in South East Asia and it flows through six countries that are probably already on your bucket list: China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

    Mekong River Cruise
    Mekong River Cruise

    The Mekong is truly one of the most powerful rivers in the world as it’s the food source for all of these countries but even more of them in Asia. From the tons and tons of rice to some of the most exquisite fish you can find in the river, people living near the Mekong have truly been blessed with more than just a river.

    Many tourists are coming from all around the world to learn more about this beautiful river by booking the Aqua Mekong cruise. After all, what is the best way to explore a river than with a boat cruise?

    Floating Markets

    You’ve probably already heard of floating markets and Mekong is one of the places where you can see hundreds of them if you start exploring the river in China and end your journey in Vietnam. Visiting floating markets is a fantastic way to learn about the river life, culture of the villages that live near the river and taste the local food that’s rich in flavours thanks to the Mekong.

    Mekong River Cruise
    Mekong River Cruise

    If you’re going on a cruise, you can even shop while you’re on your cruise boat. Imagine how awesome it is to have everything you need without having to step a foot on the ground. What’s fascinating about the Mekong River is that everything you will see on it and around it is built and created with respect to that river.

    After all, Mekong is feeding millions and millions of people in various ways. On your cruise, you will learn how do villages find and prepare their food. Not to mention that tasting the local food is an experience you can’t afford to miss out on!

    Villages of Delta

    There are hundreds of villages you will find on the side of the Mekong River. Each of these villages has a unique culture and you should choose a cruise that will provide you with a chance to learn more about these villages.

    The ones that you will want to explore the most are placed in Southern Vietnam. From rice-flour making village in Sa Dec to fermented pork making village in Lai Vung, there is really so much to learn from these villages. You will not only see how they live but you will also see which activities are crucial for them to make their money.

    While you’re on your cruise in Vietnam, you can’t miss visiting sedge mat-weaving village Long Dinh, conical hat-making village in Chau Thanh District, stone carving village Hai Luu, boat building village in Nga Bay Town, etc.

    Food You Need to Try

    All of these six countries have a truly exquisite cuisine whose flavours and tastes will leave you speechless. However, eating while you’re exploring the Mekong River is something completely different and you should try as much as local food you can while you’re there.

    The most famous dish is Hủ tiếu Nam Vang, also known as a noodle soup. There are literally hundreds of different recipes for this meal and each time you try it, you will notice how every place prepares it differently. The original recipe comes from Cambodia but the majority of versions can be found in Vietnam.

    Another meal you should definitely try out while you’re on your Mekong cruise is Cá tai tượng chiên xù or Fried Elephant Ear Fish. Don’t let the name scare you as it’s only called that because it reminded the people of elephant’s ear. It’s usually wrapped in rice paper and dipped into the fish sauce.

    Besides these two, there are plenty of other meals you can try when you’re learning about the Mekong River such as delicious Vietnamese pancakes (Bánh xèo), worldwide famous spring rolls, grilled snakehead fish, coconut leaf cake, etc.


    Exploring the Mekong River is a unique experience as this river truly means life for most of the people living nearby. Not tasting their food, visiting the floating markets or learning about their daily activities would be the only mistake you can make while you’re on your Mekong cruise.


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