Top 5 Deserts to Travel in Asia

    Some leisure travellers look for bizarre and unique travel destinations. While some prefer serene places, others want adventures. If you are looking for a mix of both, deserts could be your top choice. On the one hand, it is a chance for you to explore the most dramatically attractive landscapes and to take part in fun activities like horseback riding, camelback riding, and sand sliding. On the other hand, it provides you a perfect setting for adventure, thanks to challenges like lack of water, dangerous reptiles, hot sunny days, and chilly nights. If you are up for the challenge, Asia could be your most preferred destination. The continent is dotted with many significant deserts that are a must-visit for thrill lovers.

    Gobi desert
    Gobi desert

    However, before your start packing your travelling bag; be sure to do a little research and choose the top spots.

    Famous Deserts in Asia

    Asian deserts are known for their variety in sizes, shapes and scenic beauty. Whether you like hiking, camel racing, quad biking, or dune bashing, there is something for everyone in this part of the world. Choosing the top options could be a daunting task. However, you can never go wrong with the following options.

    1. Gobi – The largest desert in Asia and the fifth largest in the world, Gobi spans from northern China to southern Mongolia. The climate is extremely cold during the winter and excessively hot during the summer months. The Himalayan Mountains block most of the rainfall, and prevent the area from receiving no more than 7 inches of precipitation every year. The area stretches more than 500,000 square miles. When in Gobi, you can enjoy camelback riding, sand gliding, and many other adventure activities. It is said to be a historic place, with the archaeologists finding out dinosaur eggs and other fossils from this area for years.
    2. Kyzyl Kum – Spanning from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan, Kyzyl Kum is famous for having different types of rare plants and creatures. It covers an area of around 115,000 square miles. The weather is extreme, with the area receiving only between 4 and 8 inches of precipitation per year. When in Kyzyl Kum, you can see copper sands and a wide variety of plants and animals, such as, lizards, deer, turtles and boars. For an exciting camping experience in this part of the world; be sure to take a sleeping bag with you.
    3. Karakum – Located in Turkmenistan in Central Asia, Karakum is a must-visit for adventure lovers. It covers up nearly 70 percent of Turkmenistan, spanning a total of 135,000 square miles. If you are looking for an Asian desert that does not feature too extreme weather, Karakum is the place to visit. It is located close to the Caspian Sea. As a result, the weather remains comparatively mild. Some major attractions of Karakum include old city ruins and the Darvaza Gas Craters, which is burning for more than five decades.
    4. Thar – Stretching from southern Pakistan to northern India, Thar is the only subtropical desert in Asia. It spans around 77,000 square miles. The main attractions lie in the parts that fall within the Indian states, such as, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Gujarat. Apart from fascinating landscapes, the place offers a wide array of fun things to do. Just pack your travelling bag and get set for Thar. You can opt for camel safari in Jaisalmer and Bikaner, and take part in the Jaisalmer Desert festival to get a firsthand experience of the rural Indian culture and lifestyle.
    5. Takalamakan – Located in the north-western part of China, Takalamakan spans more than 123,550 square miles. It is one of the largest sandy deserts in the world. It features extreme weather conditions. It houses rich natural resources like oil and oil gas.

    No matter where you choose to visit, make sure that you pack light for your adventure trip. An expandable travelling bag with only the essentials would you the best way to go.

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