3 Beautiful Places to Check Out in Hawaii for Travel and Leisure

    Hawaii is a holiday-goers’ mecca and everyone should make the trip there at least once in his or her lifetime. However, before you even think about reaching out for services like Maui Vacation Rentals,  go through our list of the three best attractions for the adventurous at heart.

    1. Na Pali Coast

    The Na Pali Coast is untouched, pristine, and devoid of roads. This is a 16-mile stretch of overhanging cliffs, emerald coves, and white waterfalls that connects the northern and western shores of Kauai Island. Hauntingly beautiful, it is renowned for being an adventurer’s paradise offering opportunities for several heart-pumping activities, not least among which is kayaking, which was described by National Geographic as among America’s best 100 adventures.

    Kayaking along the Na Pali Coast actually ranked second, behind only rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon so, yeah, it can be adrenaline-fueled, to say the least.

    Those who choose to test the waters should be prepared for eight hours of paddling on ocean waves and, while it may not require the stamina needed to conquer Mount Everest, it certainly boasts similar heights in terms of excitement.

    Tours run from May through September, depending on the ocean conditions. During the winter months, tours switch to the pristine southern shore, which is beautiful, but it’s not Na Pali.

    2. Manoa Falls

    If you happen to be a land person or would just rather keep your toes dry for the time being, you can steer clear of 100 thrills-a-minute waves of Na Pali and head for the hills to Manoa Falls. This mile-long hike that leads to the valley beyond Honolulu is renowned not so much for its destination, which is in itself breathtaking, but for the journey itself and all the flora it offers.

    Despite being only a mile long, you can expect to pass through so many different ecosystems, enough to make you start thinking you were in a botanical garden. Don’t forget to bring along the mosquito repellent as the mosquitoes grow big in these parts. Enjoy a true adventure through nature as you make your way through the various flora including ruddy fir trees, elephant ear ape plants, and Chinese bamboo. The hike ends at the top where there are 150-foot falls and a pool that, while not quite deep enough for swimming, are enough for wading into and cooling of those tired feet.

    3. Shark’s Cove and Tables

    Divers should head to Shark’s Cove for the best shore diving that Oahu has to offer. Like every good attraction, there is something for everybody. Novices can occupy themselves with turtle watching as they drift along the outer wall while veterans dive deep to explore the 45-foot depths beneath and all that they hold which include lava tubes and spacious caverns that hold refracted light. A parking lot lies right next to the diving spot, which adds to the appeal.

    Without moving your car from the parking spot you can access the next best diving spot, Three Tables, which lies just west of Shark’s Cove. While not as exciting as Shark’s Cove, it is more friendly to novice divers and boasts attractions like parrot fish, octopus, and the occasional shark.

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