Top 5 Best Ski Destinations

    When it comes to snow skiing in the United States, there are many top-rated destinations spread across the nation. If you are planning a ski trip, learning more about the various locations available will help you to plan the perfect trip! From New Mexico to Colorado, check out these quality destinations below the ultimate in snow skiing fun!

    Best Ski Destinations
    Best Ski Destinations


    Located about 80 miles from downtown Denver, the area of Breckenridge is a popular choice among avid skiers. Visitors have access to close to 3,000 acres of terrain with 187 trails. Every winter, the average snowfall is around 300 inches, providing plenty of powder for skiing! Easily plan a weekend getaway or extended vacation.

    Big Sky

    Located in Montana, Big Sky offers close to 6,000 skiable acres, a perfect playground for winter sports enthusiasts. The ski conditions are excellent as the local weather drops around 400 inches of snow falls annually. The location offers the relaxing Mountain Village, a place where visitors can enjoy a drink and a hot meal after a day on the slopes!

    Ski Apache

    Skiing in New Mexico is enjoying at Ski Apache, a lovely southern option offers warm-weather powder skiing. The slopes are home to beginner options, a large bowl, tough bump runs and more. There is even a terrain park where skiers can enjoy jumps, rails, and tubes! With a plethora of activities, even zip-lining, visitors find no shortage of fun in the snow.


    For decades, one of the most popular options for snow skiing in the US has been Aspen. The Colorado location offers four major ski areas, where visitors of all skill levels can find trails to fit their needs. The cross-country skiing trails are particularly beautiful. The area is also home to plenty of lodging opportunities as well as dining. Enjoy a day on the slopes and head down to your room to rest up before heading back out on the snow the next day!

    The Finger Lakes

    Located in central New York, The Finger Lakes is a skier’s dream. The East Coast location offers mountain conditions due to eleven lakes helping to deposit snow in the region. Visitors head to Bristol Mountain each year to ski the trails, with options for beginners as well as the more advanced. Finger Lakes is home to many groomed trails and parks, which are perfect for cross-country skiing.

    These are just a few of the locations that are popular destinations for snow skiing in the United States. When planning a trip, make a few considerations to ensure that you plan the perfect getaway. Which location is closest to you? Are lodgings offered on-site? What destination meets your budget restrictions?

    Top 5 Best Ski Destinations
    Top 5 Best Ski Destinations


    By researching the locations available, you can find the perfect destination for your next ski getaway or family vacation. If you are an avid skier, try somewhere new with every trip and eventually you will find your favorite spot for snow skiing!

    With so many options to choose from, you may find that multiple locations are your favorite!

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