Exploring the Christmas Markets in USA for the Festive Season

    With another one and a half months to go for Christmas, people across the globe are getting prepared for the same. People indulge in fun, frolic, and good food during the festive time. However, before that lots of preparations need to be made so that there is no dearth of enjoyment. If you take a look at the world at large, you will find one thing that is common with Christmas and that is Christmas markets. These markets are seen in different European nations. The trend of the same has also started in USA and become very popular as well.

    Christmas Markets in USA
    Christmas Markets in USA

    Mentioned below are some popular Christmas markets in USA:

    • Union Square Holiday Market in New York City – This Christmas market started in 1994 and since then has become a great place for attraction during the festive season. Survey reports have shown that almost 1 million people, including visitors as well as New Yorkers, visit the market every year buying various kinds of stuffs available there. Almost 150 vendors have their stalls in the market selling different kinds of artifacts, handmade jewelry, artisanal foods, toys etc. the specialty of this market is the section known as ‘Little Brooklyn’. Original products from the borough are available in the section.
    • The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, San Francisco – Visiting this Christmas market in San Francisco takes you back to the Victorian era in London. The fair is hosted over an area of 120,000 square feet, where the main theme is works by the famous novelist Charles Dickens. The whole fair place looks like a small London town with people moving about in Victorian era costumes. The winding lanes in the fair have shops selling various kinds of items including roasted chestnuts, Christmas ornaments, pewter jewelry and similar stuffs. Visiting the fair will take visitors on a visual trip to various Dickens’ characters. Stage shows and theater plays are also hosted in the fair.
    • Arlington Christkindl Market, TX – This Christmas market in Arlington, Texas draws a great crowd. Some popular things in this market include Polish and Austrian pottery, winter garments made from special alpaca wool, handmade soaps etc. the puppet theater variety show is a major attraction of the market. Here the toys in the toy shop become real life creatures and are a hot favorite with kids. The dancing snowman, the acrobatic elves, the teddy bear which juggles candy canes, Santa’s Haus, the petting zoo which is Bavarian-themed, the marionette stage theater and similar activities make the kids super happy in the market.

    Along with these Christmas markets, there are more such markets in different states and cities of USA. Each of them has its own unique feature and attraction. Apart from local people, many tourists also explore these places.

    To draw more and more people to USA for Christmas, special flights are offered by different airlines. Great deals and discounts are also offered on the tickets so that customers can avail them without burning a hole in their pocket. Many online flight booking portals also come up with exciting schemes for people who are looking to travel during the festive season. Early bookings might help in getting some attractive gifts as well.

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