Eating out in Hurghada

    Hurghada has rapidly become one of the most popular resorts in Egypt. As its popularity grows, so do the available dining options. From fine dining to party venues to cafe’s there is something to suit everyone at any time. If you are travelling with a family, there is no shortage of the classic eateries such as McDonalds. For the “real” Egyptian experience many people recommend visiting El Dahar.

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    El Dahar is the older area of Hurghada and considered worth a visit for both local dining and shopping. The new Marina and Sakala are the areas where you will find a vast selection of restaurants offering both local and international cuisines. Combine this choice of cuisine with stunning sea views, music and great service and you begin to see why eating out in Hurghada is as enjoyable as the swimming and snorkelling.

    If local cuisine, mixed with a little adventure, is what you enjoy then restaurants such as B’s on the Marina or Vulla Kunterbunt are said to serve the greatest camel steaks, complete with chocolate sauce and starry skies. An eclectic menu and stunning atmosphere are the draw cards of Vulla Kunterbunt, but ambience abounds in most of Hurghada’s top quality restaurants. Cheaper traditional foods such as kebabs, shwarmas, koftas and ful medames (the national dish) are readily available from stalls and cafes as well as restaurants.

    While it often pays to book in to some of the more popular restaurants, with 20kms of golden shoreline it is not difficult to find a restaurant with views of the sea. Go Italian at La Trattoria or L’imperatore. Seafood lovers are advised to check out the Sardina fish restaurant, El Mina or the Starfish restaurant. Go romantic and Mediterranean at Divino Restaurant (currently rated as Hurghuda’s number one restaurant by Tripadvisor), or try Thai at the increasingly popular White Elephant.

    Most of the quality restaurants in Hurghada offer outdoor dining. In summer this is often accompanied with live entertainment. If you are planning to dine out, find out what kind of music is playing. There is little point in turning up for a great meal to find that they are playing music you personally hate. At the same time, there are plenty of licensed bars and restaurants that will keep you partying all night. Hard Rock Cafe has a good reputation for entertainment with American food at a reasonable price.

    Many of the smaller restaurants in Hurghada do not serve alcohol – just great food. They are usually happy for you to bring in alcohol that you have purchased from one of the local supermarkets, but it pays to ask first. This can be a good way to enjoy quality food without having to pay horrendous prices for your wine – so long as you don’t mind being referred to as “my friend” by everyone who serves you. There are some real gems to be found in the lesser known (and less expensive eateries) so take time to look around.

    Most holidaymakers to Hurghada want to try something other than the “all inclusive” hotel meals, and there is something to suit every budget and taste. You could easily eat out for every meal of your stay enjoying the varied cuisine and drinking in the atmosphere that makes Hurghada such a pleasurable place to visit.

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