8 Places In Ireland To Retire To

    A lot of people dream of retiring to an exotic island with good weather and where life is fairly cheap. Turning this dream into reality can be a big challenge if you don’t have a place in mind early enough in your work life. There are plenty of beautiful places in the world that you could retire to but Ireland is truly exceptional. Ireland is one of the most beautiful islands in the north Atlantic with spectacular scenery which features big mountains and clean beaches. The local community is also very friendly and the food is exceptional; I can guarantee you that the food is healthier and tastier than what you are normally used to.

    Places In Ireland To Retire To
    Places In Ireland To Retire To

    Who wouldn’t dream to retire to such a place? This beautiful island is divided into 32 different counties and each of them has a lot to offer. Here is a sneak peek of 8 places in Ireland to retire to and have a good time.

    1. Killarney

    Killarney is a beautiful town in the county of Kerry and it is home to the Killarney national park. It is a nice and quiet town where one can comfortably enjoy nature. You can spend your mornings taking walks around the mountains of Killarney national park as you enjoy the serene beauty of the town. The town also plays host to major events in Ireland such as the Killarney cycling festival and the Ireland folk fest. You will never get bored with your retirement while living in this town.

    2. Dublin

    Dublin is the most famous tourist destination in Ireland and it is also the country’s biggest city. If you have been working in an urban area and you are looking to retire to a similarly urban area in Ireland then Dublin is the perfect destination for you. The city attracts thousands of tourists every year so if you are looking to socialize and meet new people during your retirement then this is the right place for you. Furthermore, this city has the best suburbs in the country.

    3. Drogheda

    Drogheda is one of the busiest and oldest towns in Ireland. The town is one of the most developed in the country and it is center for modern medical care and technology. Drogheda town is the perfect place to retire in Ireland if you want to be near the best medical centers in the country.

    4. Kildare town

    Kildare town is listed as one of the best places to live and retire in Ireland. You will never be idle in this town as it is home to several active and friendly retirement groups which organize regular trips and excursions around the town. If you are looking to hang out and make friends with folks around your age you should definitely consider this town as a retirement destination.

    5. Kilkenny

    If you are looking to retire in the rural parts of the country then Kilkenny should be one of your first choices. It is quiet and affordable with a beautiful river running across the town, River Barrow.

    6. Cork county

    For the people looking to enjoy great meals on their retirement, Cork County should be their first retirement choice in the country. Cork is located on the southeast coast of the country and it features beautiful harbours and inlets. The county has fantastic restaurants and pubs just near the harbours where you can enjoy great meals. You will also always find fresh local produce at the local English market.

    7. Bray town

    Who wouldn’t dream spending their retirement by the sea? Bray town gives you everything that you are looking for in a place neighbouring a sea. The town brings you a lot closer to the seafront which allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze, sound, and sight of the beach.

    8. Dungarvan area – West Waterford

    If you are looking to retire in an area with a strong and active community then this is the right place for you. Dungarvan has plenty of well-managed businesses which include nice restaurants, butchers, salons among others. The town also has clean beaches which are great for fishing and bird watching. Furthermore, it is also well connected to the major cities which include cork, Waterford and even Dublin.

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