Edinburgh at Christmas – 4 Must See Sites

    The Scottish capital is as historical as it is beautiful with a plethora of historical buildings including the imposing castle of course. It is a magical place to visit at any time of the year, but none more so than at Christmas time when it truly sparkles. Read on for 4 must see sites in Edinburgh at this time of year.

    Edinburgh Castle

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    It is the city of Edinburgh’s most imposing and noticeable sites, and Christmas celebrations at the Castle are like no others. Enjoy a festive pre-Christmas Dinner in the spectacular surroundings of the Jacobite Room which overlooks the UNESCO designated Old and New Towns. Or simply tour the castle, enjoying the incredible views and rich history.

    European Christmas Market


    Handily located right next to the main train station which is perfect if you’ve got bagged some cheap train tickets to the city, the European Christmas Market of Edinburgh is a firm annual favourite with visitors and residents alike. Take a spin on the giant ferris wheel for amazing views over Prince’s street, or wind your way through the market enjoying festive food, drink and shopping. There is also an outdoor ice rink to enjoy.

    Explore the Old Town


    Okay, so this isn’t strictly Christmassy, but you’ll feel like you’re in the Harry Potter universe as you wend your way through Edinburgh’s mysterious and winding little alleys. As the days are so short and dark, the pretty lights really glitter, and you will find a cosy and welcoming drinking spot with no bother. With loads of independent shops and pubs hidden amongst the lanes, you are bound to discover a gem off the beaten track.



    Jenners is the most iconic department store in Edinburgh, and is easily found on Prince’s Street. Think of it as the Edinburgh equivalent of Macy’s in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ – founded in 1838, with its original Victorian architecture, it is also known as the Harrod’s of the North. Not only is it a great Christmas shopping destination, it is also known for its incredible Christmas decorations, that have to be seen if you are in the city in December.

    So have fun in the Scottish capital this Christmas; wrap up warm and get that warm and tingling festive spirit thanks to the lovely city of Edinburgh.

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