Eat your way across South Africa

    Holiday memories will always have the rosy glow of fun with friends, seeing the attractions, and strangely, what the weather was like. However, the one other thing you’ll remember and recommend to others is the food you ate while away, or rather you’ll rave about how amazing (or rant about how awful) it really was.

    African cuisine
    African cuisine

    While in South Africa, you can enjoy your fill of nutritious and delicious items, but where should you go to have an authentic experience? Keep reading, we’ll reveal all.

    Sabie Coffee Valley

    Only 10km outside of Hazyview in Three Rivers, you can indulge in an aromatic experience at Sabie Valley coffee. Here, you can enjoy a tour by either Tim or Kim, the owners of the coffee factory, and learn about the intricate processes involved. From keeping the tree healthy, to letting it grow cherries with the coffee beans inside, to slow roasting it (the hardest process), right through to making that piping hot espresso, which has a heady scent and can change your mood in an instant.

    Karoo Cooking

    The Karoo is known for the rich, hearty meats and health conscious locals, so while here, stop in at Prince Albert and visit African Relish. This recreational cooking school holds regular cooking classes, as well as ANYTIME® courses which are open to visitors. You’ll learn about, as well as make, traditional Karoo dishes and not all of these are limited to the kitchen; lamb potjie or a venison braai under the stars is a heavenly experience. An eco-friendly visitor will quickly realise that organic, sustainable produce is held in high esteem. Guest master chefs from all-over often offer presentations and classes here.

    Mampoer Madness

    Mampoer makes it over the line of alcohol vs drain cleaner by a smidgen (much like Grappa), and is also known locally as Moonshine or Witblitz (white lightning). Whatever you call it, the fruit liquor will take your breath away, and you’ll have a few more hairs on your chest after that first sip alone.  If you’re interested in trying this potent drink, you should head to the Monate Sitruskelder (Citrus Celler) which makes a Mampoer brand called Adoons van die Magaliesberg. In the town of Zeerust, in the Groot Marico area, you can do a Mampoer tour and visit local farms that each have a unique, intoxicating brew in which you can sometimes detect subtle flavours – assigning a designated driver is a good idea.

    Township Tours

    African cuisine is a treat no one should miss out on, especially if you have the opportunity to enjoy a Township tour, complete with a cooking lesson in cultural dishes. Andulela Tours in the Western Cape offers guests the chance to experience life in the township, from learning how to braid hair, to drumming sessions, to staying with a Xhosa family and taking a turn over the pot. South Africa is blessed with a rainbow nation, so tours into Nama, Zulu, and even Ndebele villages can be arranged in all South African provinces, along with tasting and learning to make traditional dishes.

    Author Bio: Living in a country full of vibrant, exciting history and culture is a blessing that Roseanna McBain doesn’t take lightly. She works for TravelGround, the South African booking and accommodation website, and enjoys exploring the world outside of her home town when the chance arises.

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