What’s On In Manchester in April 2014

    Manchester is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations due to the wide variety of activities for tourists to do. April is no exception with some truly fantastic music and theatre performances for visitors to enjoy. The city can get quite busy around the Easter period (April 20th) so make sure to book your accommodation early. You can find a budget hotel in Manchester by click here.

    Manchester Events
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    The April 2014 Manchester Event Calendar

    April 1st – Adam Ant : If you know your music and have been a long time fan of the Ant, then April 1st is the day when you can meet up with this 80’s star at the Ritz. With his recent sell out concerts, it looks like the singer who had become famous for singles like “Prince Charming” and “Stand and Deliver” is making a strong comeback.

    April 2nd – Ballet Central: It is said that music is food for the soul and dance is the purest form of expression. If you, like millions around the world love dance of any form, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to meet Britain’s best performing at the Lowry. Be prepared to tap into your creative self with Ballet Central, as they dazzle your senses with a show which includes a fine blend of Ballet, Narrative Dance, Jazz and Contemporary dance.

    April 5th – The Backstreet Boys: During the 90’s and the early 2000’s, there was perhaps no band greater boy band than the Backstreet Boys. They were hugely popular; their songs were instant hits and despite being together for more than 20 years, show no signs of breaking up. If you, like many others, have missed out on catching the Backstreet Boys up-close and personal, then April 5th is the date and Phones 4U Arena is the place where you can finally get a chance to join them.

    April 10th – The Bill Fury Story: Those who have heard of Bill Fury and loved his music, will understand why he was called the Elvis of Britain. If his music helped him to conquer the heart of millions, his death helped immortalize him forever. Don’t miss out on this chance join the stars as they relive the life and death of the great Bill Fury at the Stockport Plaza.

    April 11 & 12th – The Easter Funny: There is an age old saying that there is no better medicine than laughter, but what they what they didn’t tell you is that actually, there is no better medicine than laughing with your family. Give yourself the chance to have your funny bone tickled; stand up comedians John and Tan have spread their event over two days at the Opera House, where they will teach you the right way to protect the Golden Easter Egg.

    April 7th & 8th – Justin Timberlake: According to critics, Justin Timberlake is amongst the top pop stars that the world has seen in the past one and a half decades. JT fans now have the chance see one of their favourite acts at the Phones 4U Arena on the 7th and 8th of April.

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