Dropped – Stranger than Fiction

    Reality is stranger than fiction, and what you’re going to watch this season takes reality to new extremes. It’s a reality show that makes Fear Factor and Survivor look like sitcoms. Packed with bloodpumping action, bonechilling thrills, and spellbinding drama, Heineken®’s Dropped is all set to make waves this fall. Here’s the scenario:

    The contestants, all men from regular backgrounds, are ‘Dropped’ in the toughest, most deserted locations around the world, with not a soul for miles. Each man is alone and has nothing with him except the most basic supplies and a plane ticket—the ticket that will get him home if he can reach the airport. The only problem is, the airport is hundreds of miles away.

    Our marooned survivors have to brave crushing terrain, harsh weather, unfriendly locals, and other daunting obstacles in order to get back home. Dropped is a test of endurance, reilience and stamina; but more than anything, it’s a test a character. It’s each man on his own, pitched against the most gruewome forces of nature.

    The adventure series from Heineken® is the latest in the brand’s global ‘Voyage’ campaign, and deploys one of the most extensive filming setups to capture the action. The viewers will be able to watch the adventures unfold on their digital media screens. And, for those who still can’t get enough of the thrills, Heineken® is uploading the footage on Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel.

    People interested in travel news and following this channel will be able to watch what their favorite travelers have been up to. You can view the episodes or documentary-style footage, and can also upload your own video entries that might qualify you to be the next one to be Dropped, should you feel up to it.

    The travelers may break down, get injured, give up, or get back home, but they will leave behind plenty of action and adventure along the trail. Many legends will be born and many heroes will fall in Dropped, a reality show that’s indeed stranger than fiction.

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