5 Safety Tips For Your Next Vacation to Greece

    Traveling to a new place is a fun experience and it’s important to be familiar with the city before, during and even after your stay. Greece is a really beautiful and peaceful country but regardless, it’s still necessary to take certain precautions just in case.

    Vacation to Greece
    Vacation to Greece

    Here are 5 safety tips to keep in mind during your next vacation to the beautiful country.

    Eat and Drink like a Local.

    We’ve all heard: “When in Rome, behave like the Romans”. Well in this case, when in Greece, behave like the Greeks too. Eating is one of the very many casual affairs of the Greek people. It is important to look out for restaurants that the locals in the city go to as the food would be a whole lot better. This makes it easy for you to meet locals who would give you safety tips.

    Make a mental note to ask for the local barreled wine which is usually a lot cheaper than the bottled. This knowledge could help you blend in easier and faster.

    Be culturally sensitive

    The fact that you’re a tourist won’t excuse culturally insensitive behavior or make it go away. The younger Greeks might be a bit more open minded, but the older generation pride themselves on conservatism as their religion and orthodox beliefs are still embedded in them.

    Drawing unnecessary attention to yourself might also not be a great idea. Always keep this in mind.

    Choose a Tourist friendly hotel

    There are certain hotels that have negative reviews from tourists and foreigners. Before leaving your home country, make sure to do an in-depth research on the hotel where you will be staying. Choose a pocket friendly hotel as well as one that is known for its safety towards tourists. If you’re traveling to, or are in Mykonos, this website can show you one of the safest places on the island.

    Learn a little of the language

    Most Greeks never really expect visitors to be familiar with their language but it could help you to know a few words especially regarding greetings and sharing pleasantries. You will be seen more as a good ‘xenos’ which means guest, rather than the regular tourist.

    Also, learning these words would help you be on the alert if you ever find yourself in a compromising or dangerous situation.

    Avoid the peak season

    It is important to avoid the peak seasons in Greece. Peak seasons usually begin in late July all the way to the end of August. In this period, the weather is usually blistering hot and your skin could react adversely to the heat waves. Also, prices become ridiculously high and everywhere gets crowded.

    The months of May and June are usually warm days with a mix of flowers and fresh nights, while September and early October offer golden days and the sun is warm on the skin.

    Traveling safe should be the utmost priority of every traveler and as a tourist in a new city, you should always be at alert. Follow the steps above to have a safe and amazing time in Greece.

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