Five Things to Help You Find a Cheap Flight

    Planning your vacation and the expenses that go with it? Once you have your vacation dates booked, start by looking online for your air travel. Here are some tips to help you keep your ticket affordable.


    1.    Book Early

    The cost of fuel and operating international and domestic flights mean that airlines are even more conscious of filling seats. Most chartered airlines will even cancel a flight rather than send one that is less than capacity. The profit margin for the airline is that slim and it presents a tremendous advantage for people looking for cheap flights. Airlines offer steep discounts to travelers who are able to book early. For your best price book at least eight weeks in advance, and use a ticketing site that offers a PDG (Price Drop Guarantee) to receive a further discount on your ticket if your seats go on sale after you have purchased them.

    2.    Connecting Flights

    Connecting flights are an opportunity to save and also to create an itinerary that is pleasant and even adventurous. If you can’t find direct flights that are affordable or if you are not in a hurry consider connecting flights that give you a 4-6 hour layover in another city. That is just enough time to take a cab and explore a city, grab lunch and return to the airport with an added tourism experience. You’ll only have to bring your carry-on luggage as the airline will send your checked bags ahead to your destination. You can save up to 40% or more on connecting flights.

    3.    Off Peak Time

    Don’t feel like getting up early or arriving after midnight? You aren’t alone, but a mild inconvenience of travelling in off peak times can save you an incredible amount of money (particularly if you travel frequently). Think of booking an itinerary that has you flying after midnight and arriving in the morning if your flight is more than five hours. The airline will make you comfortable and bring a blanket and pillow to sleep to arrive rested the next morning at your destination.

    4.    Off Season Discounts

    Plan your vacation around travelling off peak season to get the best discounts not only on your flights but also on your hotel package. Do you ever notice how experienced travelers tend to take great vacations at the strangest time of the year? Steer clear of major holidays such as Christmas or school breaks to get the best discounts. Plan your vacation for September instead of February and you’ll get better value for your money and a more affordable ticket.

    5.    Seat Assignment

    Unless you have a specific medical need, stick to the free seat assignments provided when you book your ticket. Preferred seats can add more than $40 to the cost of your itinerary. If it is a short flight, forgo the preferred seat and save yourself more money. You can find cheap flights by skipping on some of the added perks.

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