Travel Destinations For A Shoestring Budget

    Budget Travel Destinations
    Budget Travel Destinations

    Seeing the world does not have to cost the earth. Thanks to cheap flights, good exchange rates and low-cost accommodation, it is perfectly possible to have a holiday on a budget.

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    Here are some ideas about places you can visit without having to spend too much money.


    Prague is a beautiful ancient city which was once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Hostels cost a little bit more than other European cities but the cheap prices of other things more than compensate for it. The city is home to some wonderful architecture that has changed very little through the centuries. At night, the architecture can be appreciated in a different way as many clubs are in old buildings with their period features intact, giving them a Gothic appearance.

    Of course, Amsterdam is known for its legal soft drugs and red light district, but what many may not know is that it is also a highly cultural city. In Holland there are more museums per square foot than in any other country, many of which are in Amsterdam. There is also the natural beauty to explore in Amsterdam’s waterways and lakes. For those interested in food there is a vast array of restaurants serving various types of cuisine at very reasonable prices.

    Further Afield

    If you have a little more to spend on airfare you could visit Vancouver in British Columbia. Due to the exchange rate and low cost of living, many things are cheaper, including hostels and food. There are historical buildings and natural beauty spots such as the historical area of Gastown or Whistler Mountain. There is also a wide array of entertainment available at night, from live jazz to salsa dancing.

    Saigon is probably still a more familiar name than Ho Chi Minh City for many people, but either way it is an exotic and lively place to visit. It is easy to walk or ride around on a cyclo (a bicycle cart) and there is plenty to see. There are a variety of shops along Dong Khoi Street or you could visit the relaxing Botanical Gardens. Bars and clubs, banned in 1975, have been making a comeback and there is now a wide range, from the modest to the more upscale. The food is also tasty and inexpensive.

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