4 Tips to Reduce the Amount of Luggage You Take on Holiday

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    Packing for a holiday can be a stressful time, as people usually over-compensate for potentially leaving something behind. Extra sun lotion is packed, a few extra pairs of shorts, and before you know it, you can’t shut your suitcase and your bag is heavier than the allowed limits.

    But packing doesn’t have to involve stress. Holidays are meant to be a relaxing experience, and this shouldn’t be ruined by the preparation involved for going away. Here we share some of our top tips to reduce the amount of luggage you take on holiday with you.

    1. Books

    Reading material is often always one of the necessities when going on holiday, as it’s the perfect thing to do while you’re sunbathing by the pool – but this is a key area which can be reduced when packing your luggage. The nature of a book (unless a particularly thin one), means it will generally be fairly large and heavy, and added to the fact that you probably want to take more than one, means that this is going to be an area that needs addressing.

    Solution: Buy some eBooks (they’re cheaper!) and take a Kindle (or similar) on holiday with you.

    2. Essentials

    Do you really need all of the cosmetics you’re taking abroad with you? Containers of shampoo, shower gel, and other such things can really add a sizeable difference to your luggage, and a lot of it won’t actually be required while you are on holiday.

    Firstly, you need to think about how long you are going away for. Is that 500ml bottle of shampoo really required for a 7 day trip across the ocean?

    Solution: Think smart. Pack smaller bottles of products, and leave the non-mandatory ones at home. Remember that you can always pick cosmetics up while you are away (such as at the airport).

    3. Luggage Types

    While you need a durable suitcase or luggage bag to take away with you, you also need one which will provide ample space to pack all of your necessary belongings. Often suitcases will look very spacious from the outside, but the inside may be restricted for whatever reason (particularly in cheaper models). Although purchasing a larger capacity suitcase or bag may not reduce the amount of physical luggage you take, it will mean you are able to pack smarter, meaning you can keep everything in a single luggage carrier, and avoid paying extra charges for duplicates.

    Solution: Look out for space-saving luggage when on the high street, and perhaps invest in compression bags that will allow you to reduce the amount of air inside your luggage.

    4. Travel Clothing

    Although you may be in the holiday mood as soon as you wake up on the morning of your trip, dressing in the bare minimum (shorts and t-shirt, for example) may not always be the smartest tip.

    If you’re taking items of clothing such as a jacket, a particularly heavy pair of shoes, or anything such as those, then wearing them on the day will help to reduce the amount of items you have to pack in your bags. Sun glasses, cameras, and other items that you may also be looking to take away with you will often be best kept in person, and these too will reduce space when you are packing.

    Solution: Dress casual but try to keep pocket-sized valuables with you. Consider the items of clothing you are packing in relation to what you could actually wear on the day yourself.

    Got a favourite space-saving tactic? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

    The above was a guest post by Thomson Al Fresco, a provider of camping holidays in Europe with a range of luxury mobile home holiday homes.

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    1. This is good advice. Packing is like an art form. (LOL) But once people understand what they really need it’s easy. Accessories are golden. For women: Scarves, sashes, throws, jackets, anything to turn one outfit into another is key.

      For men: You don’t need 8 pair of jeans for 8 days. Re-wear a pair and just change shirts. This will also help with packing.