Things to Know about Rome Fiumicino Airport

    When you fly to Rome, you will most likely arrive to Fiumicino Airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci airport of Rome. This airport is considered to be the largest in Italy and the sixth Europe’s international transport hub. Millions of tourists visit Fiumicino every year and we can state with confidence that from here the famous Italian dolce vita starts. Here travelers can take an advantage of convention facilities, conference rooms, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, and huge variety of shops and services.

    Here are some places to visit and services to use in Fiumicino Airport:

    1. Fully concentrate on business in ATA Hotel Executive Centre. The Centre offers 3 meeting rooms, 6 rooms for working, a conference hall, a fax and copy center and free access to Wi-Fi.
    2. Switch off in Be Relax Classic. This express spa provides top-notch services like speedy manicure-pedicure, short massages, and also you can purchase there relaxing things that can come in handy in flight, like a gel-filled neck pillow.
    3. If you have more time and want to prink, Bunny’s chic salon offers a full range of services: haircuts, waxing, massages and many others that will help tired travelers to revive after a long journey
    4. Take full advantage of the layout with Clean Life Dry Cleaning – fresh up your dressing in no time and travel to the next destination in all your glory.
    5. Fiumicino hosts one of two outlets of Dolce & Gabbana in Rome, so do not throw away the opportunity to purchase leather purses, belts, leashes and underthings of the famous trademark.
    6. In the Fabriano boutique you can dive into the history of paper, as Fabriano is considered to be the oldest paper producer in Europe, known since 1264. You can find there the best art supplies (feel like Michelangelo and Raphael who also used Fabriano’s paper!), notebooks and cards.
    Rome Fiumicino Airport
    Rome Fiumicino Airport

    The airport is situated 16 miles southwest from Rome and you can get to the city by several means of transportation. Before you decide which way you are going to travel to the capital, get a map and find out where your hotel is situated. The point is, there are traveling options, some are cheaper, some more expensive, though in most cases the convenience of the option depends on the destination.

    1. Bus. Despite the fact that this way is cheaper, usually it is not recommended because if you order a ticket online, you will have to wait for the bus of the service listed in the ticket instead of using the bus that goes to the same destination earlier. Plus, buses usually are slower than any other options. The cost varies from 3 to 11 Euro per person.
    2. Trains. There is a suburban and express train – this option is also quite cheap (€8 – €14 per person, though to get to the places you need, you will have to make transfers and in case if you have a lot of luggage, it is not that convenient. Take into consideration that you have to validate your train ticket before the road, otherwise you may by fined.
    3. Taxi. On the one hand, there is a fixed fare for taxis from Fiumicino to central part of Rome. On the other, travelers recommend to take photos of the tag numbers of the car before you get in, to trace it in case of problems. In case if you are travelling in a group of  people, taxi is the best option, though it is better to book reliable taxi with fixed rates, like For example, Uber taxi rates can differ from 48 to 106 euros for the same trip, be cautious!
    Fiumicino terminal map
    Fiumicino terminal map
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