Ways to making your RV trip more comfortable

    If you are in love with nature and despise the concrete jungle and the urban mess, but still you wish to enjoy the comfort of “your own home”, RV is the right choice for you. Whether you are a beginner or a full-time camper, here is a list of tips and tricks to make your trip more pleasant. Remember, the point is to make your RV your home, as comfortable and as cozy as possible, and always have in mind that there are no rules, your home your castle, do as you think is best for you!


    The space around your RV is your backyard, and as such, you would want it to have a decent shade, and a place to sit in your yard protected from the sun and the rain. Investing in a canopy is a way to greatly improve your RV experience. Also try installing special lighting, which can give a more exclusive look to your “backyard”. Using an outdoor rug will make you feel a lot closer to home and close to nature too, and you can walk barefoot in front of your RV. Just pick a high-quality outdoor rug, durable and resistant.

    Living room accessories

    No rules, right? Who says that carpets are not suitable for your camper, or wallpapers, or family photos hanging on the wall? You can easily express your lifestyle by choosing the carpets which match your character, and don’t worry; there is always space, even for a tiny carpet. Different wallpapers for each room will bring warmth to your RV, and hanging posters and family photos on the wall will make you feel just at home. Be sure to use nail-free adhesive hangers, and ensure the posters/photos from swinging while on the road.

    Personalize your bathroom

    Stock your bathroom with your favorite toiletries, and change the conventional boring shower with something more personal and home looking and add good looking towels for the whole family. Add some air fresheners, just like the ones you use in your home bathroom, this way the smell will instantly make you feel at home. Also, immediately change the shower curtain with a copy from the one you have at home.

    Install bike racks

    No better way to explore nature than by biking, so installing bike racks will save you a lot of space, and considering that you surely have plenty of space for bags and luggage, there will be space for other sports equipment. Also, if you are into wakeboarding and similar water sports, there is plenty of space on top of your RV, of course with suitable racks to hold them safely.

    Cover the couch and armchairs

    No matter if the couch is brand new, adding some colorful covers will bring up the spirit in your RV, and will also protect the couch from potential damage. Using matching pillows will make your home much more pleasant and fun and the kids will surely love it.


    Definitively the most important room in your entire life, this is where the magic happens (and by magic read sleep), ad probably the most important room in your RV. Having a good night’s sleep is very important for your overall health, and having a good, if not the best mattress is crucial. The conventional RV mattress is simple, uncomfortable, and maybe good for one night’s sleep, but for a longer period, a good mattress is an investment in your health and quality of life. Just ask any truck driver, and you will get the picture.

    Window treatments

    The window treatments that come with the RV are not glamorous, least to say. A personal touch with colorful curtains will solve the problem, for less money and a lot more leisure. Also, use hook-free holders for the curtain rods!


    There is always space for a plant or two, and choosing the right kind will make a huge difference. Succulents are a great choice, they require minimal water and sunlight and last longer than any camping season. Plant them in nonbreakable flower pots, for obvious reasons!


    Do all the things necessary to make your RV stay as pleasant as possible, relax and enjoy your trip!




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