The Real Benefits of Mountain Biking

    Mountain biking sends adrenaline coursing through your veins while working your body into fantastic shape.  Yet these are only some of the numerous benefits associated with this particular style of biking.  Read on to learn the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual perks of biking on a mountain.

    Let’s start with the obvious– it’s a phenomenal workout. Muscles become increasingly toned and defined. It’s an intense, low-impact cardio activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone at any level. Furthermore, it’s a fat-blasting workout sure to melt those extra pounds away.

    As for the inside of your body, biking has been shown to decrease diseases. Regular exercise strengthens your immune system and there is a correlation between women’s cycling and decreased risk of breast cancer. It keeps your heart healthy and pumping strongly– and blood flow is increased and oxygen delivered more efficiently. Additionally, lung capacity increases by 20% over time with regular cycling.

    Equally important is the effect mountain biking has on your mental health. Harvard Medical School declares that “interacting with nature is one of the best self-improvement tools”. There’s just something about being outside that instantly elevates your mood.

    Inhaling fresh, clean air that hasn’t been contaminated with pollution works wonders for the mind and soul. There are no cars or traffic in sight. It’s just you, your bike, and the mountain. Even if you’re not riding, getting outdoors is cathartic.

    Then there’s the joy of learning or improving a skill and seeing your progress over time. Achieving goals and tackling new trails boost your self-confidence. Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of savoring how far you’ve come after a riveting ride?

    Mountain biking can be enjoyed solo, with a partner, or in a small group with a similar ability level. It can bring you closer to your current cycling crew or introduce you to new friends through biking clubs or meetups. How nice it is to interact with your loved ones with dialogue as opposed to staying glued to your screens!

    Everybody deserves to relax and unwind– but it’s so pleasant to be outside and moving as opposed to sitting on the couch watching Netflix for hours on end. The feeling of flying down a hill on your bike is the epitome of freedom. Just imagine all the places you can go on two wheels that you can’t in a vehicle. Plus, your bike doesn’t pollute our environment.

    We all have our bad habits. Try replacing a negative habit with a positive one, such as mountain biking, to enjoy a healthy high. The rush is indescribable.

    Regardless of your spiritual tradition [or lack thereof], scaling a mountain on two wheels is the perfect way to see the majestic, awe-inspiring beauty of our planet. Nature’s bounty is truly magnificent. We are but a tiny speck in the universe.

    An amazing place for mountain biking in Idaho is Tamarack Resort. Those who have never been to the state might not associate it with biking, but it offers unparalleled views. The Tamarack Resort, located in the city of Tamarack, offers countless options year-round. Winter months are for snow skiing/boarding, yet the rest of the year has something for everyone. In addition to biking, there are zipline tours, live music, restaurants, hiking, and watersport lessons. Idaho is gorgeous terrain.

    Tamarack Resort also gives bike tune-ups and rentals. Lessons are available for all levels. All trainers are PMBI certified [meaning they are the most experienced professionals] and there are a variety of trails and types of one-on-one or small group lessons during the day and evening.

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