The most important things that dog lovers should know about traveling

    When it comes to going on the trip, some dog owners are tempted to leave their four-legged friends home because they are afraid of what might happen. Traveling with your furry companion not only involves responsibility, but it can also be fun if you plan the trip carefully. At, we have analyzed the most important things that a dog lover should consider when traveling with his dog. Let’s take a look!

    1. Visit the vet

    A checkup at the veterinarian before going on trip helps you stay assured your dog has all required vaccinations and health certifications.

    1. Pack all your dog’s stuff

    Make sure you collect all the stuff of your dog that you may need during your holiday. The list is made up of his vaccination records, leash and collar, food, bowls, water bottles, crate, medications, first-aid kit, poop bags, towel and sanitary wipes.

    1. Choose a high-quality crate

    Purchase a crate to keep your dog safe in the car and comfortable during the accommodation. Keep in mind that a proper crate should be large enough to allow your dog stand, turn and lie down. Other conditions are to be strong, with handles and grips and to have a leakproof bottom covered with absorbent material. A high-quality crate should have ventilation on opposing sides, with exterior rims to prevent blocked airflow.

    Don’t forget to write down your name, address and phone number on the label displayed on the crate. A mat, toys and a water bottle customize the crate and make it more comfortable.

    1. Use identification tags

    If your dog disappears and gets lost, an ID with your cell phone number and a home number will help you find him faster. It is a handy solution that saves a lot of time. Provide your dog with a strong collar or leash with identification tags with his name, your name and your phone number. A microchip may be also a good solution to identify your dog.



    1. Take with you your dog’s favorite toys

    Your dog’s favorite toys are a good idea to keep him occupied when you want to focus on something else.

    His favorite toys will make him comfortable and less stressed because of the new environment.

    1. Take with you more food than you may need

    Make sure you always have a reserve of food just in case. You can deal with various types of situations in which some additional food may be helpful.



    1. Tips for traveling by car

    Traveling by car with your dog is a common experience, but you should be properly prepared for it.

    Get your dog accustomed to the car by letting him sit in it and taking short rides around the town.

    Don’t feed him right before going on the trip to avoid car sickness. Provide yourself with towels and wipes. They are good stuff to have on hand in case of potential incidents.

    Keep the car well-ventilated and don’t let your dog ride with his head sticking out of an open window.

    Take a break every few hours for potty and exercises. Avoid leaving your dog alone in the car, especially in the summer.

    If you are planning a long travel, take your dog for a long walk before the departure just to be sure he will use up some of his energy before the departure.

    1. Tips for traveling by plane

    When planning to travel by plane, make time to find out the airlines’ pet policies and make sure you have them on hand just in case you may need them. Most airline companies allow keeping pets in a carrier in front of the seat.

    The best solution is to call both for information and reservation. You should know that all airlines require health certifications and proof of vaccinations.

    There are also airlines that do not allow pets when weather conditions are extremely hot or cold.

    1. Tips for traveling by bus, train or boat

    Traveling by train, bus or boat may be a little difficult as there are companies that don’t allow pets. To find out their policies, it is better to give each of them a call.

    Local rails and bus companies have their own policies that you need to check before planning such a trip.



    1. Tips for booking your accommodations

    When making a reservation at the hotel, you need to find out in advance which hotels allow dogs. Many hotels have their own restriction related to dog breeds.

    A long walk just after arriving at your destination will help your dog relax, get rid of stress and get accustomed to the new environment. It is a good opportunity for you to discover the surroundings and make an idea of how amazing the places are.

    While staying at the hotel, keep your dog as quiet as possible. Take him for a walk before bedtime and make sure he always has fresh water and food, especially if you leave him alone for a while. Nevertheless, better consider leaving him with a person to look after him to avoid undesired behaviors like barking or destroying things in the hotel room.

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