5 of the Most Durable American Made Vehicles for a Road Trip

    There’s nothing quite like the great American road trip. Whether it’s a day trip to the seaside, the forest-covered mountains, the big city, or even a drive to nowhere in particular, just the act of getting in your vehicle and leaving town can feel exhilarating. Perhaps you’ve spent weeking perusing your favorite travel tips blog, perfecting your road trip itinerary, and collaborating with your friends on the logistics. But if your road trip is an extended one, like a cross country excursion, for instance, you’re going to want to make sure your vehicle of choice is a durable one.

    Recently, US News and World Report put together a list of some of the most durable vehicles on the road in 2020 and beyond. These vehicles can not only take the pounding that can come from an extended road trip, they are said to be both comfortable and fun. The report also considers simple factors in the vehicles chosen for the list, such as safety, warranties, reliability scores, plus things like acceleration, and gas mileage.

    A big consideration was given to interior comfort since the nature of a road trip is spending long hours in both the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Other things they took into account are amenities like entertainment systems, the number of USB ports, advanced driver-assistance systems such as cruise control, emergency braking, and more. While the report focuses on a wide range of vehicles made worldwide, the vehicles included below are made exclusively in America.

    Lastly, safety is an important part of any road trip. According to the Barnes Firm Community, which features tips from lawyers across the Barnes Firm locations, it’s important to have great health insurance and to contact a legal representative in the event of an accident.

    With safety and vehicle features in mind, So then, what are some of the most durable American-made vehicles for a road trip?

    Ford Expedition

    If you like big in your road trip vehicle of choice, you can’t go wrong with the new Ford Expedition. US News and World Report named it the Best Large SUV for Families. It sports 20.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row of back seats, and that’s just the basic model. The XL model provides even more passenger and storage room. Perfect for your entire family. Lots of entertainment amenities with the Expedition. Safety and dealership warranties are solid too, but it doesn’t hurt to look into an extended out-of-dealership warranty for the long road trip.

    Ford Mustang Convertible

    Just because you can take the roof off of your Ford Mustang convertible doesn’t mean you get less trunk space or less comfort. The new Mustang not only allows you to ride the open road without a roof, but it is also said to provide one of the most comfortable long-haul rides. Some sports cars have small back seats that will make you uncomfortable after a while. But the back seats in the Mustang are engineered for comfort. At the same time, the trunk offers a whopping 11.4 cubic feet of space, outperforming almost all drop-top cars on the market today. Warranties, safety, engine horsepower, fuel economy, and amenities all score highly on this durable ride.

    Cadillac CT5-V

    This is not your father’s Cadillac. Not by a long shot. According to Forbes Magazine, the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of the new Cadillac CT5-V is like sitting in the cockpit of a jetliner. It also sports something your father and grandfather Cadillac never had. A manual gear shift knob that controls a powerful six-speed transmission. The twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 360 HP engine is perfect for long stretches of the open road, while the seats hug your body. This one also scores well with safety, fuel economy, amenities, durability, and warranties. But what’s also interesting about the Cadillac is that you can extend your warranty if necessary, which is not a bad idea if you’re planning on going cross country.

    Always revisit your insurance and warranty options. But by purchasing an outside-of-dealership extended warranty, you will cover all issues including cooling and heating systems coverage, ignition components coverage, leaks and sealants coverage, and so much more.

    Dodge Challenger

    This is the kind of tough muscle car the late Steve McQueen would have driven in one of his action movies. Its powerful six-cylinder 305 HP engine is said to be perfect not only for cruising long stretches of the roadway but for passing. At the same time, it gets 30 MPG while motoring the highway. Both front and back have enough room to fit four adults comfortably. Plus the Challenger sports 16.2 feet of trunk space while most sports cars only average 10. Its entertainment systems, smartphone connectivity, warranty, safety features, and more also earned this fast, sturdy car a high rating.

    Buick Encore GX

    If compact and economy-minded is what you’re looking for in an SUV that can tackle the great wide open road, the newly engineered Buick Encore sports some nice features. bills it to be built tough for sharp handling and a comfortable ride, along with an equally sharp, if not sleek design. It’s also got lots of storage room, and comfortable seating for your entire family. Entertainment features include built-in satellite radio, plus wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, which will keep you and the kids entertained during long stretches of road trip driving. It scores big on gas mileage, safety features, and comes with a very good dealership warranty.

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