Staying healthy during the Covid pandemic. Tips for worried travellers

    We’re living in strange, unprecedented times. It’s safe to say that the coronavirus outbreak has left most of us looking at life a little differently. With activities and everyday behaviors that were once considered normal now classed as prohibited or done under scrutiny and strict restrictions, it’s difficult to see how anything can return to normal any time soon.

    Traveling overseas at the moment means plenty of constraints and additional health measures to keep everyone safe. In fact, some travelers may find that they don’t even reach the airport, due to their holiday plans being canceled with all the changing travel restrictions. If your flight or holiday package has been canceled due to Covid, check out this infographic from Creditfix for more information on your rights.

    Whether you’re planning a much needed holiday or you regularly travel for work reasons, staying safe whilst away from home and being exposed to others is crucial. Taking certain, extra precautions will give you plenty of confidence and allow you to enjoy your trip without worrying too much. Here we’ll explore how you can stay safe as you travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Wear a mask

    There’s far too much online debate about whether or not we should be wearing masks. However to keep things simple and to prioritize your own safety, and the health of those around you, you should definitely wear one. You’ll find that they’re mandatory on all flights and in airports. Some airlines are very stringent when it comes to the quality of masks being worn. Bandanas and scarves for example are often not permitted, so make sure you do your research before you hit the airport.

    Be generous with hand sanitizer

    If you’re a regular traveler then you’ll understand the importance of having some hand sanitizer with you. However, these days it’s even more of a necessity. Any time you’ve been out in public or been in direct contact with something, such as door handles, shopping carts and baskets, buttons and keys etc, then you should be using your hand sanitizer.

    Use it before you eat and when you return to your accommodation. Of course, washing your hands with soap and water is a better option, but for those times when handwashing facilities aren’t available, use sanitiser.

    Choose socially distant activities

    Covid restrictions have put limits on large gatherings, and many of us are wary of being in enclosed spaces with strangers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your travel experience. Finding activities that promote social distancing such as hiking, walking and choosing experiences that are mostly outdoors will limit your potential exposure to the virus.

    Make sure everything you book is refundable

    With so much uncertainty right now, plans can change in an instant. Whether you’re booking activities, meals, hotels or transport, always ensure everything is fully refundable! It’s the best way to protect your money in these unpredictable times.

    Final thoughts…

    Before you travel, consider conducting plenty of research into your destination and finding out what the current restrictions are. It’s the best and easiest way to stay safe, healthy and avoid disappointment.

    I have spent the past 15 years in the travel industry. Today focused on promoting different ways of traveling, I'm in the process of creating few travel websites, which will be launched shortly. I have a great passion for travel and the travel industry. My goal here atTtripOutlook is to connect to other proffessionals in the travel industry and to exchange experience.

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