Start Preparing for Your 2017 Heli Skiing Trip

    Imagine the rush of plunging down a slope at top speed and feeling the crisp, cold air on your face while your adrenaline soars. Imagine knowing that this rush is only part of your personalized vacation because luxury accommodations are waiting for you at the bottom of the mountain. Have the time of your life on an unforgettable getaway in the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains.When you book with an adventure company that values experience over everything, you can have the mountain all to yourself.

    Selkirk Mountains
    Selkirk Mountains

    Weather-Proof Your Holidays

    Now, stop imagining and start preparing for your personalized adventure heli skiing in B.C. The first step of preparing for your holiday is to contact a heli skiing guide in B.C. Skip the ordinary and look for personalized service that works around your own schedule. Flexible companies will offer 2-6 day packages (or longer on request), starting any day of the week. Check out the weather forecast to make sure you time your vacation with optimal conditions. Of course, there’s no controlling the weather, but a company that operates on a large terrain will always be able to find optimal conditions, even after big snowstorms.

    Selkirk Mountains
    Selkirk Mountains

    Personalize Your Adventure

    Make sure that you bring enough gear, including boots, for all members of your group. Your vacation should be focused on you and your preferences. A guide will always be available to answer your questions before and during your trip, offeradvice you whenever you need it, and help make your trip more comfortable. Start personalizing your holiday from the minute you call to make a reservation. You can even have your choice of terrain, from powder fields to glades in the woods.

    Heli Skiing
    Heli Skiing

    Enjoy Culinary Masterpieces at the Lodge

    Of course, the real point of heli skiing in B.C. is the powder, but holidays are still holidays. There’s nothing wrong with unwinding in a luxurious lodge or private cabin.These lodges take their food seriously, too, and internationally renowned chefs come to the Kootenay Rockies for a winter deep in nature. They prepare everything from breakfast and dinner to crab leg après-ski snacks. One B.C. organization called Great Canadian Heli Skiing has recently embraced the Slow Food Movement with its new chef. That doesn’t mean waiting ages for dinner, but it does mean a “farm-to-table” approach to the culinary arts. WiFi abounds, too, but just because you bring your tablet doesn’t mean your office needs to know.

    Selkirk Mountains
    Selkirk Mountains

    There are only so many snow days in a year, so start planning your 2017 heli skiing trip now. If you want to enjoy the thrill of the Selkirk Mountains with just you and a small group of your friends or family, book early. The holidays are always popular times in the Rockies, but with the right organization, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to share the slopes with big crowds. Great Canadian Heli Skiing is one company that hasn’t lost sight of its roots: champagne powder and stunning mountains. Reserve your dream winter getaway before it’s too late.

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