Surviving Long Haul Flights

    There’s never been a better time to fly across the Atlantic, right now you can find cheap flights to New York for a surprisingly small sum of money through the likes of DialAFlight, meaning you can spend so much more money when you get there.

    Of course, long distance flights are a necessarily painful part of a holiday, and making sure you get off the plane without feeling too awful is always a good way to start a holiday.

    Firstly, most people don’t really have too much choice with their flights, but if you can pick and choose, try and pick a flight where you land in the evening. If you’ve flown long haul, pretty much wherever you’re going you’ll be tired, and not having to battle through an entire day is a good start.

    Next up, it’s worth investing in those flight cushions that you often see people with. They’re a little peculiar, but are much more comfortable than trying to get yourself comfortable with the small pillow that is usually provided on flights.

    Always ask for an upgrade, or to change seats, there’s every chance you’ll be told “no”, but you never know. Sometimes there’s space at the front of the cabin (where you have a bit of extra leg room) or you might find yourself moved next to an empty chair, which is always good.

    Take your own headphones, the ones that are provided by air lines are almost always massively uncomfortable. If you’ve got your own set, and they’re any good, take them with you, it’ll definitely be worth it.

    Try to get up and walk around during the flight, aside from the risk of DVT, you’ll feel better for simply doing a turn around the plane. Also, take a quick look at the internet for exercises that you can do whilst flying, getting the blood moving will make you feel better (and might help you sleep).

    Last of all, you’re going to be in a pressurised container with air conditioning for a protracted period of time, if it doesn’t give you a light headache, it will definitely dehydrate you more than you think. Your body will be confused by the disrupted meal times, and you’ll be thirsty. Make sure you take on your own (large) bottle of water and work your way through it, you might need to go to the toilet more often, but it’ll help you stay awake, it’ll make you feel better, and it’ll stop you getting too hungry due to the disrupted meal times.

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