5 Tips to Travel with Your Vape

    Traveling to various destinations with your vape gear is all fun until security checks become an issue. This is because there are certain guidelines you need to follow when traveling with your vape.

    Most importantly, you need to learn how to appropriately pack your vape gear because any slight mistake can cause accidents like explosions. The following are the essential tips for traveling with vape;

    1. Know the Local Vaping Rules

    Before you travel to any country, it’s always important to check the vaping rules and regulations of that particular country. Some of the countries restrict the use of vapes to certain places. Others have put some restrictive measures and regulations regarding vape gear.

    However, with good research, you can find reliable sources to buy weed online canada and vape it using a dry herb vaporizer. Just keep in mind that the laws and restrictions of vaping changes regularly. It’s thus important to do some research before traveling to avoid unnecessary charges and penalties.

    2. Disconnect the Vape Batteries

    A proper way of securing your vape when traveling is to disconnect all the batteries especially if they are not on the regulated mod. Unlike the regulated electronic vapes which have a safety lock, the unregulated type lacks this feature.

    So, if the device is not well packed, it may accidentally turn on, and the vape batteries may burst out. The change in the internal pressure of the vape batteries could cause a fire explosion in the air.

    Also, ensure that you check the batteries’ condition before you pack them and use a good battery case when packing to avoid any form of accident.

    3. Have Some Spare Batteries

    In case you’re going on a long trip, be sure to carry extra batteries with you since you may not find a suitable place to charge. This is also important, especially if you plan to travel by air because it’s highly prohibited to charge vape devices while onboard.

    You should, however, keep in mind that batteries are highly conductive. This is especially when it comes in contact with any metallic object; it can cause short circuits, which may result in an immense flow of the electrical current and heat generation that can cause an explosion.

    Therefore, the best way to avoid such incidents is by covering the battery terminals using the appropriate electric tape.

    4. Securely Wrap Your e-juice

    Precautions are essential when traveling with e-liquids. Make sure that you wrap them well to avoid spillage as it may cause harm if it comes into contact with your skin. That’s why its not advisable to carry them in a glass bottle that can break easily. Besides, some e-liquid manufacturers use cheap and sub-standard bottles to pack their ejuice. So make sure to get some empty bottles from reliable sellers before heading to your trip. The extra dollars you spend may save you lots of trouble and unnecessary laundry bills.

    Anyone can travel with e-liquids as there are no restrictions against it. However, there are transport rules that you should follow to ensure your safety and other travelers. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires air travelers with e-liquids to securely place them in liquid bottles, not more than 100ml. Make sure the e-juice can fit perfectly into a single 1-quart clear plastic bag in your carry-on bag. But if you want to carry more e-liquid, then you should pack them in your hold luggage.

    5. Check the Rules of Your Mode of Transport

    Today, every mode of transport, including airlines, trains, and the bus has certain rules and regulations that concern passengers. These regulations vary from one country to another, and every travel company has different enforcement methods.

    Most airline rules on vaping states that every passenger should pack their vape gear on the carry on bags. Vaping is also prohibited on the plane and in most airports, but others have designated areas for vaping.

    Other public transport means also has regulations in place. Most train companies don’t allow passengers to vape at the railway station or on the train. The same applies to buses.

    Ships tend to be vape-friendly. When traveling by ship, you can vape in your private balcony on the pool deck, casinos, bars, or designated areas. However, the rules are different in every cruise line, so make sure you familiarize yourself with them.

    If you’re traveling in your car, then you have fewer problems. You can vape on the go, but be careful to avoid endangering other road travelers. Avoid creating massive clouds of vapor that can reduce visibility, changing the batteries, or refilling the e-liquids as you drive.


    Carrying your vape gear on trips doesn’t have to scare you anymore as long as you pack it appropriately. This will help you avoid accidents such as explosions.

    By adhering to all these tips of traveling with your vape, planning your trip will be much easier and you’ll be certain to enjoy it.

    However, if you are not sure whether the vaping tool is permitted in your travel destination or the mode of transport, ensure that you confirm with vaping laws or rules.

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