Traveling Safely with Your E-cigs

    The vaping wave is growing bigger by the day. Nowadays, vaping is often shown as being the habit of someone cool who is out to enjoy a nicotine hit minus other hazardous elements present in traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, statistics show that traditional cigarettes smokers are turning down the stick in favor of vaping devices.

    However, with vaping nowadays being alluded to as a classic man’s lifestyle, most vapers feel the need to carry their e-cigs and e-cigars with them during their travels. But then the question arises, can you vape in an airport or are you allowed to pack your vaping gear and ingredients alongside your luggage?

    Well, here is an insightful guide on what you should know about your vaping devices and what the rule of law states when it comes to flying.

    Vaping in the Airport

    Many vapers are tempted to take a few drags on their e-cig as they wait for their plane to depart. If you’re looking to buy one, you can get it from

    However, there is no definite answer on whether you are allowed or barred from smoking within any airport across the world. The reason why is because different countries have different rules when it comes to the legality of vaping in public areas.

    In that case, you might want to first check with the relevant airport authorities before you pull out your e-cig. Nonetheless, some airports such as Heathrow, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Athens, Barcelona, or Budapest have made it so you can vape freely without worry.

    Can You Board a Plane with Your Vaping Device?

    As discussed before, this too will depend on the country you are traveling to, and the rules will change each time.

    So that you know, you’re allowed to carry certain amounts of fluids or liquids with you. That means that you can pack your aerosol, creams, e-juices, or tubes of toothpaste alongside other luggage you are traveling with. However, you need to ensure that they are packed in a mini transparent bag.

    Additionally, according to TSA (Travel Security Agency) rules, any battery-powered device, such as your vaping gear, shouldn’t be packed in a suitcase alongside other luggage. Instead, you should carry them in your backpack or place them in your pockets.

    The above rules may, however, be subject to change in different airports and with airline companies.

    Can You Vape on the Plane?

    This is highly prohibited, and there are no two ways about it. So, don’t be tempted to pull out your e-cig from your bag mid flight.

    Extra Pro Tips

    If you’re taking long flights, here are some pro tips to help you keep your vaping device safe during your trip.

    • Clean Your Device

    Ensure that you clean your vaping device thoroughly before packing each piece separately. This will help you keep your electronic cigarette fresh and free from stains from previous use.

    • Don’t Pack Your Device in Your Suitcase

    As discussed before, this is against the TSA rules. So, ensure you pack your electronic cigarette in a small carry-on bag, separate from your other luggage.

    • Remove the Batteries

    Leaving the batteries inside for long durations without use can lead to the corrosion of electronic parts.

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