Mauritius – Best Honeymoon Destination In The Indian Ocean

    Mauritius is without doubt one of the finest honeymoon destinations for people from all over the world. Its popularity as a wedding and honeymoon destination is well-known. Moreover, it has always maintained its spot as an incredible choice and is in fact considered a great choice regardless of the type of trip you are taking to the small Indian Ocean island. With the following Mauritius honeymoon ideas we try and give you a feel for what your trip could look like.Mauritius is so popular because it boasts everything honeymooners enjoy.


    Beaches are obviously a must-have on a honeymoon checklist, and Mauritius, as an Indian Ocean island, hardly disappoints. There are a number of fabulous beaches in the island, which is amazing considering how small Mauritius actually is. The most popular of these are Pereybere, which is located to the north west of the island, and Flic en Flac, which is located on the west coast. While Pereybere is smaller, it is however absolutely perfect for bathing and suntanning.

    Honeymoon Couple Mauritius beach
    Honeymoon Couple Mauritius beach


    Since Mauritius is such a popular honeymoon destination, there is a large choice of romantic hotels all over the island. While the most popular luxury hotels can be quite expensive, most hotels are quite affordable. Moreover, many such hotels and resorts have special deals for honeymooners, and these offers can be easily found online or through your closest travel agencies.

    Mauritius accommodation
    Mauritius accommodation

    Additionally, there are even a few hotels in Mauritius that cater exclusively to couples such as the Paradise Cove Ile Maurice Hotel. As such, if you want a great honeymoon in an extremely romantic hotel, you can take a look at these accommodation types.


    Mauritius is a fantastic destination when it comes to tourist attractions as there are a large number of sights to discover and things to do all over the island. The Chateau de Labourdonnais is a famous Mauritius museum where you will also be able to enjoy the delicious traditional recipes while the Chamarel Park is a truly unique landscape where the soil is of no less than seven different colors.

    Chamarel Park
    Chamarel Park

    You will thus have tons of things to do in Mauritius regardless of preferences. Whether you are into extinct volcanoes, museums, natural parks, or waterfalls, you will be able to enjoy a wealth of attractions.


    Obviously, the multicultural aspect of Mauritius is one of its greatest assets and one that has brought much praise to the island in general. Mauritius is indeed one of the truly multicultural places in the world where the population comprises of people of African, Indian, and Asian origins, to name only a few. Moreover, most people are in the island are fully bilingual and speak both French and English fluently.


    Another exciting aspect of the Mauritius is its weather. Due to the island’s location in the Indian Ocean, the weather is particularly sunny there almost all year long. While there is a winter season in Mauritius (compared to its neighbor, the Seychelles, who basically has no winter), temperatures are often around twenty degrees. Consequently, this winter season most of the time still feels like summer for people traveling from the United States or most European countries.

    Mauritius weather
    Mauritius weather

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