6 Items to Make Beach Vacation Wonderful this Summer

    When it comes to summer fun, most of us dream about long, lazy days at our favorite beach. However, even when you’re in paradise, things can go wrong quickly if you’re not prepared. Ensure that your next beach vacation is one to remember for years with these must have items.

    Wonderful Beach Vacation
    Wonderful Beach Vacation

    1) Baby powder. While a beautiful day spent by the seashore sounds idyllic, being coated in sticky abrasive sand is anything but. When you’re ready to head back to your beach house, shake off excess sand, then rub a small amount of baby powder over the parts of your body that are still sandy. The sand will fall off without any extra effort which will allow you to walk off the beach without itchy, irritated skin.

    2) A camping tent. While those beach umbrellas are colorful and small, they won’t cover more than one or two people, and you’ll have to keep moving it throughout the day to guard against the sun. With a camping tent, you’ll have more complete coverage from the sun, which allows you to take breaks from the harsh midday sun rays. This is an essential beach day piece if you have babies or small kids who will need to protect their delicate skin from the harsh rays. Look for a camping tent for 4 people that folds and unfolds easily. Having a cool, covered space also means that your cooler will keep its contents cold longer.

    3) Sunscreen. While you’re enjoying some beach fun, make sure that your skin is protected with a sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays. An ocean friendly sunscreen does not contain chemicals like oxybenzone and titanium oxide that harm reefs. It’s an easy way to protect the living ocean while ensuring that your skin stays safe while you’re oceanside.

    4) A rolling cart. Just getting your chairs, tent, and cooler to and from the beach can be exhausting. Small rolling carts with large wheels have shown up on the market in the last few years, and they make for the perfect way to transport your necessities to the perfect beach spot with ease. Look for ones that have small pockets for things like sunglasses, sunscreen, and your keys for even more organization on the go.

    5) Small Bluetooth speakers. Bring your favorite music to the beach with these portable speakers. You don’t need wires of any kind since they run on rechargeable batteries and communicate with your smartphone via the built-in Bluetooth technology. Despite their small size, they produce a robust sound that’s exactly what your beach day needs. Make sure you purchase one that is also waterproof in case of any errant waves.

    6) A beach towel with pillow. Catching some rays by the seashore is an essential part of your vacation, but relaxing on the hard sand can be difficult to do. Bring some comfort to the beach with a towel with a built-in pillow. You’ll be able to lay out in comfort while still having the absorbent qualities of a traditional beach towel. Best of all, the pillow is removable so you can easily wash your towel for your next beach day. You can purchase one of these or make your own via an easy online tutorial.

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