Travelling Florence: One of the most beautiful destinations in Italy.

    Florence is a place of art and history. The religious heritage, sculpting excellence, breathtaking architecture are what attract people. Although it is a place of architectural and historical ground, you should take a token of Florence with you. There is no shortage of places to shop, eat and stay while you are here.

    There are a lot of places in and outside the city where you can stay. A well secured, well-furnished place, with friendly staff, a restaurant and a place to spend some leisure time is an excellent place to be. As most of the attractions are around the city center, try to find a comfortable abode nearby. That way, you will be able to enjoy the best of Florence without any hassles.

    All About Florentine Delicacies

    If you are going to the Mercato Centrale, don’t forget to pay a visit inside. The historic location is an attraction in its own right, while the fresh Italian produce market and live music are bonuses. You can enjoy freshly baked pasta, mozzarella, and much more. You can even buy some ingredients to try the Florentine recipes back at home.

    The city also provides a home to some of the world’s finest restaurants. Whether it’s a romantic dinner with your beloved or a family dinner party you are looking to arrange, head over to the historic center of the city. Here you can find one of the best Michelin restaurants in Florence, Italy: Santa Elisabetta. Located inside a Byzantine tower of the Brunelleschi Hotel, the restaurant offers a minimalist and pure cuisine experience.

    Once you finish tasting the local delicacies and fine dining experience of Florence, head over for a walk along with the Piazza Duomo. Around the blocks, you will find many gelato shops for your dessert cravings. You can’t miss out on tasting out some Italian gelatos, anyways!

    Florentine dishes you must try

    Tagliata di Manzo: When in Italy, you have to try the steak. A simple piece of meat made fabulous. It’s a Tuscan delicacy that you must try.

    Ribollita Soup: A slow-cooked soup that goes great with bread; If you didn’t try it, you missed it.

    Places To Shop

    San Lorenzo Market

    A place that gives you value for your money. You’ll find beautiful leather jackets for a bargain. A souvenir paradise would be San Lorenzo.

    Via de’ Tornabuoni

    It is the street where the top-of-the-line designer shops reside. Brands and designers like Gucci, Versace, and Salvatore Ferragamo are just a few examples. When in Italy, why not splash out on some luxury goods!


    Everyone is a fan of good perfume, and Florence has a remarkable place for it. Aqua Flor is the place of famous perfumer Sileno Chelonia. There are also other favorite labels to try out.

    In front of Mercato Centrale

    Want to shop for some Florentine souvenirs to take back home? The piazza in front of Mercato Centrale is the place to be. You will get many Florence-themed souvenirs, along with bargain-priced fashion items.

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