A Beginner’s Guide to the Disney Vacation Club

    Are you an avid fan of Walt Disney characters? Are you looking to take your family on vacations to various Disney resorts every year? Then a Disney Vacation Club membership is something you need to look into.

    This timeshare setup has attracted almost 220,000 member families since its debut in 1991. These members can book at any of the different DVC resorts. Moreover, they can visit over 2,000 different destinations within the various Disney properties.

    Though the numbers are attractive, you still need to understand how a DVC membership works. This can help you determine if it is something worth investing in. Thus, we invite you to continue reading below for a lowdown on DVC membership.

    Disney Vacation Club Basics

    Before we go into the details of a DVC membership, let us first discuss how the Disney Vacation Club works.

    In many ways, it works like a vacation timeshare program. However, instead of the fixed-week structure of traditional timeshare models, it uses a points-based system.

    As a DVC member, you can buy a contract of points that you can use in different styles of Disney vacations.

    Unlike traditional timeshare programs that give you a finite amount of time to enjoy benefits annually, DVC membership offers more flexibility. You can customize it depending on how you want to use your points.

    Earning Your Points

    To start earning DVC points, you have to become a member.

    To become a member, you need to buy a set number of points. For example, you can buy a minimum of 125 points that you can use for a specific number of years. You can use these points anytime you want and they will replenish each year for the next 50 years.

    Also, you can add to the number of points along the way. You can purchase your points directly from Disney Vacation Club. On their website, you will find a thorough breakdown of the total cost of membership.

    You will also find a breakdown of the pricing for each available home resort. The good thing about DVC’s flexibility is that you can request a personalized quote. This way, you can carefully plot the number of points that your family can maximize.

    Alternatively, you can go online and shop for DVC confirmed reservations.

    Some DVC members cannot use their DVC points as often as they want to. Thus, they opt to rent their points to non-members. This makes it perfect for families who cannot afford a membership at the moment but wish to try out the DVC rooms.

    Using Your Points

    After securing your points comes the next question: where can you use them? There are three types of collections where you can use your Disney Vacation Club points. There is the Disney Collection, the Concierge Collection, and the World Collection – RCI Resorts.

    The Disney Collection covers different Disney Vacation Club Resorts. These include Disney’s Grand Californian in Disneyland and Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World. You may also use your points at Disney’s Beach Club.

    As for the Concierge Collection, this covers different Disney accommodations in San Francisco and Chicago like the Fairmont hotels. The collection also includes certain spots at the Royal Garden in London, England.

    Meanwhile, the World Collection – RCI Resorts covers different hotels in various countries. These include hotels in South Africa, Indonesia, Portugal, and Spain.

    For a complete rundown of the different resorts and hotels, check out DVC’s official list.

    The Room Conundrum

    Another important aspect to discuss is the room types that you can use your points on. For starters, you use your points in any room at the resorts.

    Generally, DVC resorts feature 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units. They also offer many studios; some of which can accommodate up to five persons.

    One of the lower-priced options is the cabins at Copper Creek. A night will cost you 87 points.

    If you want something of a bungalow style, you can stay at the Polynesian Village Resort. Rates start at 115 points per night.

    With so many options to choose from, which ones are the most economical? Aside from the Polynesian Village Resort, you can stay at the Bay Lake Tower, the Grand Floridan Villas, or the Saratoga Springs.

    What if you decide that you want a bigger room? Should you go for it right away? The best strategy for upgrading to a larger room is to buy a smaller one first.

    Thereafter, you can add points along the way to upgrade to bigger ones. The good thing about a DVC membership is that you can buy points whenever you need them.

    The Key Benefits of a DVC Membership

    One of the key benefits of being a DVC member is that your family gets to enjoy nicer rooms. DVC villas come with more features and amenities compared to standard Disney rooms.

    Keep in mind that Disney World resort accommodations come in three categories: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. The DVC Villas fall under the Deluxe level category.

    Another key benefit of DVC membership is planning assistance. The DVC team can help arrange your car rentals, flights, and various room requests.

    They can also arrange for your groceries or bring food inside your room minutes after you order.

    Also, members can enjoy pool-hopping at Walt Disney World. You can dive into most pools even if they’re in a resort where you’re not staying.

    In case you’re wondering about the health and safety standards in the hotels and resorts with the ongoing pandemic, the Disney Vacation Club is responding accordingly to health protocols.

    Discover Other Vacation Options

    Becoming a member of the Disney Vacation Club can be a good long-term investment. The key is to plan your bookings accordingly to maximize your benefits. If ever you wish to explore other options, there are many destinations to choose from.

    Check out our other articles on various vacation destinations. Discover more options and visit the ones that you and your family will enjoy.

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