Our Top Tips for Eating, Drinking and Relaxing in Vietnam

    It’s easier than ever to visit exotic, far-away places like Vietnam these days thanks to companies like Encounters Travel, but that doesn’t mean that when you get there, you’re going to know exactly what’s on offer to you in any given location at any given time. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide of the best places to eat, drink and relax in Vietnam.

    Relaxing in Vietnam
    Relaxing in Vietnam

    Although perhaps less well-known and less well travelled than nearby Thailand, if you follow the advice above, you’ll have an incredible holiday in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.


    Travel to the town of Hoi An, which is a peaceful place with a relaxed atmosphere that’s ideal for shopping, relaxing and of course eating. Situated next to a waterfront, in the evenings, the entire place comes alive with music, singing, dancing and other forms of entertainment. Even better, you can also walk along the waterfront and try out the local cuisine, mostly consisting of the freshest fish you’ve ever eaten and the lightest, tastiest noodles you’ve ever consumed. Although some of the more touristy eateries are a little bit pricey, the places that serve the local foods are reasonably priced.


    What could possibly be better than sipping cocktails at a beach club in Nha Trang? Although the area has a slightly notorious reputation for being a town full of partiers, as long as you know what to expect you should be fine. Although there are plenty of great places to enjoy a drink in Nha Trang, the pinnacle has to be the beach club, where around 11pm, the main bar area turns into a club and you can dance away into the night. The club also serves great food, so you can fill up before you start drinking.


    Finally, after a heavy night you might want to turn your attention to doing something a little bit more relaxing. The perfect place is Palm Island – situated off the south coast of Vietnam and only a short 30-minute boat ride away. This tiny island has a small dive school so you can learn to swim with the fishes in a relaxed, small environment. Afterwards, you can curl up on the sand and sunbathe until you’re dry – which won’t take long!

    So there you have it – our top tips for the best places to eat, drink and relax in Vietnam. Enjoy your travels.

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