Planning an affordable stag weekend abroad

    The economy may be in a recession, but that doesn’t mean a stag do has been withered down to warm cans of beer, and frozen steaks on your backyard barbecue. No, just the opposite. Prices abroad have dropped considerably in the last few years, and by following the simple plan below, you will be able to stretch your wallet, and design the most epic stag weekend in history.

    Planning an affordable stag weekend abroad
    Planning an affordable stag weekend abroad

    So here we go; five simple steps for an epic and affordable stag do abroad:

    • Who to invite?

    The bottom line when it comes to making a roster is deciding who the stag “really” wants to be among on his last night of freedom. If his bride-to-be’s father is present, is that going to scare him away from that third round of shots? What about his work mates? Are they compiling evidence to use against him for an immediate raise upon returning to the motherland? Discover who really belongs, if necessary plan a domestic stag party to include those who may not have a place in the starting line-up. Remember when you are deciding, there is no correct number of participants in a stag weekend. Small groups are easier to organize, but bigger groups yield better bargaining power, and can actually help to reduce the costs of the weekend.

    • Develop a budget

    Survey all the members of the party that made the cut, and develop a general price per person you can work with. Do not forget to account for the stag, whose trip expenditures should either be split amongst everyone, or covered by the best man. Don’t worry, what goes around comes around, and on your special day he will return the favour. A ‘kitty’ (communal pot of money) is a good way to cover costs once in the city. Drinks at the pub, dinners, and other group activities can be easily paid for as opposed to splitting up bills on the spot. A kitty will also help to keep your group on budget as the night gets blurrier and blurrier.

    • Choose a destination and book flights early

    Once the budget has been developed it is time to decide on a destination. There are two major factors to consider when planning this part of the weekend: the price of the flights, and how far your money will go in the chosen city. Websites such as will help you to find the best options for your weekend. Put in your city of origin, the month you plan to travel, and click search. Skyscanner will automatically show you the cheapest destinations, as well as the best dates of travel for your group.

    • Accommodation; hotel or apartment?

    Hotels are the classic accommodation choice, but as of late, apartment rentals are becoming increasingly popular, especially for groups. By booking apartments you often forego the luxuries of hotels, such as a communal pool, a lobby bar, and room service; but to be honest who needs this stuff on a stag weekend? Apartments allow everyone to stay together in one apartment, or within the same block of apartments. They also tend to offer much more space, allowing the whole group to enjoy some beers while readying themselves for the night ahead. offers a large database of apartments, as well as hotels, to suit any group’s needs and budgets. Again book early for the best price.

    • What’s the plan?

    You’ve got your roster; your budget; a destination; accommodation; now just what the hell are you going to do to make this the best weekend of your lives?
    A good method for discovering what to do in your chosen city is to consult any friends you may have who have already been to this city on a stag do. Find out what they loved and what they hated. If you are the first to embark in these new lands, popping onto google for some quick research is an obvious solution. Tripadvisor has a great section called “Things to do” which will prove invaluable when searching for activities. If sifting through hundreds of reviews and websites is not your idea of fun, there are plenty of stag specific travel companies that have done all the grunt work for you. Pissup Tours offers a large variety of packages and activities in 14 different locations across Europe. Some of these packages even include accommodation options, which can save you the hassles involved in section 4. They also offer a local guide to ensure you avoid being ripped off, as well as making sure everything runs smoothly, which is especially helpful when language barriers are present. provides great company specific user reviews to help you decide which company to go with.

    So there you have it, five tips to get you started in planning your rock star weekend abroad in Europe. We have left out the obvious section 6, which is simply: Have the Time of your lives!

    Now get out there, some proactive planning now will ensure this is a weekend you and your mates will be talking about for a lifetime to come!

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