How to save money when booking a hotel online

    We all know, or a great majority of us know, that booking a hotel room online is a great way to save. With this in mind, there are so many booking sites from which you can choose, so which one is going to ensure the best deal? How do you know you are truly finding the best price when you book? There are a few tricks and tips you can take into mind when the time comes to book, in order to ensure you do find that great deal.

    save money when booking a hotel online
    save money when booking a hotel online

    So, before you click book and enter in your credit card info, consider a few of these tips as to how to save money when booking a hotel online.

    Go all in –

    That is all inclusive. Don’t stop with booking a hotel, also book a car hire, book food packages, book your travel arrangements and even airfare in advance. More and more booking sites have contracts with top hotel chains, with local tourist agencies and with airlines. In turn, if you book everything in one place and all inclusive, you are going to save (as the booking site is going to make a profit). So, look for all inclusive deals when travelling, rather than simply booking your room online. One thing to remember is not to book the first deal you see. You should shop around and compare hotels.

    Look for drops –

    So, you’ve booked the room for 50% off; that’s great! Guess what, if a hotel doesn’t sell out (as is the case with airlines) they will offer even greater discounts. So, if you continually check in on the site you booked the room with, and if you find a lower rate after you book (or find a lower rate on a competitor site for the same room and hotel), most sites do price match. In turn, you will get the better deal, and they will provide you with the lower price you find on a competitor’s site or at a later date. So, do shop proactively and try to book early; with this being said, don’t stop looking for deals and savings, as in many cases you can receive additional savings with price match guarantees.

    Time it –

    There’s no doubt about it, beach getaways are busiest in the summer months, ski resorts are busy during the peak skiing and winter season. So, prices for rooms typically are pricier during these peak seasons. You can still enjoy a great vacation during off peak season, and you can find rooms for a fraction of the price during slower seasons. So, if you can take your vacation at any time, and you can still enjoy the great weather, activities, and make the most out of your vacation, without having to be around all the other tourists taking up your beach space, why not? Booking and timing your vacation perfectly will not only result in savings on the price of your hotel room, but of the local dining, bars, tourist activities, and even local shopping in the area which you are going to be visiting.

    Use your rewards –

    Guess what, you have those built up rewards on your credit card for years now, why not use them? If you have rewards cards, take advantage of them. With the points you’ve compiled, you can find great deals, discounts, and in many cases, can even book a free night or two in a particular hotel chain you want to stay with. Sure, not every booking site will take them, and you might not have enough for a free night’s stay, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make use of those points. You’ve earned them through your countless purchases on your reward cards, so why not redeem them for something of value and for your personal enjoyment now that you have them built up just sitting there?

    It is possible to find great deals, and lower prices on any booking site, than you would find directly through most hotel chains. But, if you are willing to do a bit more digging, you can find even greater savings. So, before you do confirm your dates, and book with a particular resort, visit a couple more booking sites, and consider a few of these basic tips, in order to ensure you truly do find the best deals, at the nicest resorts you’ve always wanted to book with.

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