Airline A Thing Hudson

    Airline A Thing Hudson. National Airlines United Arab Emirates. Posted growth of 25.4 percent of revenue passenger per kilometer (Revenue Passenger Kilometres – RPKs) in quarter 1, which has the above standards and aviation industries, outpaced growth of measures of seat Passenger (Available Seat Kilometers – ASKs), which was 22 percent.

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    By the growth. Higher than the first quarter of the year 2552 the number of
    passengers rate (Load Factor) increased from 73 to 75 percent

    While the number of passengers increased by 11 percent even if the economic
    downturn will affect foreign markets A Thing of the Hudson. But the number of
    travel premium class increased by 5 percent

    Mr. James Hogan, CEO of the airline, said Han A Thing "is the number that
    encourage us Although the airline will need to be considered poor at the moment
    in the history of the Air Transport A Thing, but Hudson still growing
    continuously. "

    "Our investment in product and brand. Has helped to attract significant number
    of passengers in economy class and premium class.

    The airline has said. The flight distance. Is an important part affecting the
    results were good in one quarter.

    The average rate of 87 percent of passengers in economy class of air routes to
    Chicago. Route Asia – Pacific and Australia all Rates higher than 80 percent of
    the average passenger in economy class and route all of Europe, America and
    Australia. Rate more than two passengers in business class in the third period.

    Growing number of airline A Thing Hudson in the first quarter. Considered as a
    result of the financial results in 2552 through acquisition of revenue passenger
    per km, up to 15 percent and the number of passengers increased from 6 million
    to 6.3 million as a result of the opening. New air routes to eight routes
    throughout the year including 2552 Melbourne Astana Athens Istanbul Lars Naka
    Chicago and Cape Town High Hyderabad, India.

    Mr. James Hogan, said the results in 2552 as "Year 2552 is a very difficult year
    for the aviation industry worldwide. This is the worst recession ever found. As
    well as flu crisis from a new species. H on N day The demand for air travel
    dropped massively.

    "Airlines around the world. Various problems of passengers as well as lower
    income dropped significantly. "

    "Although the airline will have to suffer such a challenge. But we can still
    increase the number of passengers, including revenue growth of the number of
    passengers per kilometer is higher as well. The success of this Arising from the
    expansion of flight routes continuously. Including an additional 10 aircraft
    fleet expansion and Strategic Sanit Sre’s sales and marketing aggressively.
    Aimed at promoting our services is important. "

    "Beyond that. We have also seen passenger rates and average earnings start back
    to normal later in the year. Especially from the Premium Cabin. We can throw the
    budget significantly in creating the best product in the world. "

    Passengers throughout the year 2552 the average rate was 74 percent, which still
    maintain during the year 2551 was also Mr. Hogan also highlighted the success of
    the plan to reduce cost airlines has started since 2550.

    Mr. Hogan said, "With the implementation of cost per seat per kilometer (Costs
    per available seat kilometre – CASK) enables us to save up more than 14 percent
    during the past year. It is a cost that works very well. "

    "Strategic Sanit Sre’s business when we started three years ago. Begun to
    produce results and achievement. The outstanding quality products. Which
    provides comprehensive network of flights Song Yong Su growing fast Along with
    business flexibility and efficiency. Is an important formula for success in our
    future. "

    "With the planned growth of the Hudson A Thing in accordance with the Plan Abu
    Dhabi 2573 BC We are confident that our strategy has a valid and appropriate for
    challenges to come."

    "Our financial results in 2553 begin to see positive results. With indicators
    that demonstrate significant development in the period from January to February.

    "While market conditions remain challenging. We need a clear plan to continue to
    grow during this year 2553. "

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