Festival Guide – What You’ll Need

    British Music Festival

    2015 is set to be an unmissable year for music festivals with venues bringing in bigger and better acts all over the country and the world. You would be crazy not to attend at least one of these spectacular events which make for a mind-blowing experience. Whether you’re a go hard or go home type of person or a queen of chillout at a festival we have some tips to make sure your experience is up to scratch.

    Glastonbury Mud

    The first think you have to consider when going to a festival is what to take with you. For anyone who hasn’t had this experience before, let me tell you, you’re going to have a lot of walking when you get there so travel as light as possible. The weather at the British festivals can be pretty temperamental – I’m sure you’ve all seen the hardcore festival goes rolling around in the mud at Glastonbury – so be prepared to get dirty.

    There isn’t much you will need at a festival other than the obvious tent and disposable BBQs but a small marquee can also be cool for when you and your friends are sat in a group as this will protect against rain and sun. Fold out chairs are also advisable as the grass can be harsh to sit on for long periods of time.

    Get the look

    Festival fashion is something that has been interesting for many years. There is a stereotypical style that festival goers seem to love but it really depends on the festival that you are attending. I’m sure there will be a slight difference in the fashion of the head-banging Download festival goers compared to the RnB lovers at V fest.

    However, the vast majority of festival goers in this country tend to sway towards the same type of style… the hippy look. Boots and wellies are very popular for girls and they are often accompanied with denim shorts, a light crop top and either a slightly too big checkered shirt or a psychedelic patterned kimono.

    Cara Delevinge FedoraCara Delevingne was seen at the Brit Awards in February donning a very striking fedora hat which would be a nice touch to your festival attire. You may also like to take a look at some of these colourful kimonos that Shopstyle have on offer.

    Sunglasses are a popular accessory at music festivals and if you want to perfect the hippy look that is so in-fashion then you might want to go retro with the shades. Round frame sunglasses are popular as they work well with this look and they happen to be making a huge comeback this summer. Also aviators and colourful frames and lenses are a good choice. Take a look at the vast collection of round frame sunglasses that Red Hot Sunglasses have on offer.

    Some examples of good sunglasses to take to a music festival for women are these Michael Kors Panama Sunglasses in Black which are guaranteed to make heads turn wherever you go. Alternatively, the ladies may prefer these retro Bermuda Cateye Sunglasses, also from Michael Kors.

    For the men, you may like to opt for some of these smooth aviator sunnies from FCUK which will give you a sleek summer finish or take a look at these rebellious Fly Square Retro sunglasses in Tortoiseshell to add edge to your look.

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