3 Unusual Cruise Destinations

    When you consider international cruises, your mind is almost instantly drawn to exotic locations and sun-kissed, Mediterranean resorts. While the majority of cruise liners operate in regions such as the Caribbean, Western Europe and the Mediterranean, however, there are also a growing number of tours that take in more unusual destinations.

    Unique Cruise Destinations
    Unique Cruise DestinationsRDFRS / / CC BY-NC-SA

    Thanks to creative thinking and the evolutionary nature of travel, cruise packages now feature a staggering array of destinations and unusual resorts. Whether you choose to visit the ports of Scandinavia or experience Antarctic cruises with Hurtigruten, you can enjoy a genuinely unique holiday while traversing the world’s most remote water ways.

    The Top 3 Unique Cruise Destinations

    With this in mind, which ports stand as the most unusual cruise liner destinations? Consider the following options: –

    1. Svalbard, Norway: Although the cavernous and remote island of Svalbard is classed as being part of Norway, it is in fact located north of the Arctic Circle. A place of unspoilt beauty and incredible wilderness, it provides thrills, excitement and wonderment in equal measure. The resort also offers a few fascinating culture shocks, such as the fact tat citizens often carry shotguns to fight the potential threat of a polar bear attack.
    2. The Cook Islands, South Pacific: With nations such as Fiji and Tahiti established as extremely popular tourist destinations, it seems strange that the neighbouring Cook Islands should remain so remote. In fact, this small gathering of islands represents one of the most beautiful locations in the South Pacific, boasting stunning wildlife and lush natural landscape. While it is not a widely visited cruise destination, there are a remains a select number of operators who dock at the picturesque Aitutaki port.
    3. Ushuaia, South America: No list of cruise destinations can be considered completed without the inclusion of Ushuaia, which has the distinction of being the world’s southernmost city. This quaint and tranquil South American port is often referred to as a gateway to Antarctica, and yet it boasts a number of attractions that enable it to stand on its own merit. Including horseback riding and numerous hiking routes, Ushuaia is a genuinely unique city that offers to all travellers regardless of their age or preferences.

    The Last Word

    It is easy to underestimate the size of the world and its numerous cities, especially as technological advancement continues to empower remote communication. The growing diversity of international cruises offer you a unique opportunity to visit some of the world’s most far flung locations, and create memories which will last you for an entire lifetime.

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