5 Essential First Aid Herbs To Carry In Your Travel Kit

    Your travel essentials include several things. Apart from the necessities, you may well equip yourselves with many more items. Practicing responsibility for your health on-the-go becomes all the more significant part of your travel care. Even the slightest of the hitch can ruin your adventures and fun. So, supplying yourself with a first aid kit is essential for any travel – domestic or abroad.

    If you are on regular prescribed medication, it is better to take them along. Apart from those medicines, you can keep some essential herbs that can be useful and effective while you are on the go. If you do not like to rely on the chemical treatment for your everyday wellbeing, then having a bunch of herbs in your travel kit can be very helpful.

    Firstly, they are effective, and some of them work exceptionally well. Secondly, the chances of potential side effects are minimum unless you are allergic to them. So medicinal herbs may be a well-rounded cure that can save you trouble while traveling. Here is a list of 5 essential herbs that can make it into your travel first aid kit.

    1.   Arnica

    Are you going out on an adventure trip? Arnica might be one herb you want to keep in your travel kit. Available as ointment and cream, this herb comes handily to heal minor bruises and scrapes and promote the blood circulation by opening up your capillaries. Arnica is a perennial plant with daisy-like flowers, used in many medical preparations. Arnica balms and salves can be topically applied in many conditions, such as pain and muscle aches as well. Topical applications are comparatively safe, but any oral use is safe under the administration of a medical or homeopath practitioner.

    2.   Cannabis

    Cannabis has many healing properties, and it has been a part of ancient and alternate medicinal healing for ages. However, the legalization of cannabis has opened the door for more researchers to find out about its health benefits. Many studies claim it to be an excellent source for healing anxiety, inflammation, and also insomnia. If you are facing typical travel troubles such as discomfort and restlessness, this herb can come especially helpful to you. You can buy high-quality cannabis tinctures from a top brand CBD like CBDFX and add it to your food or smoothies. Moreover, if you do not want a high sensation and instead enjoy soothing and relaxing effects, you can go for CBD oil tincture or topically applicable CBD creams.

    The CBD compound in a cannabis plant is non-psychoactive, so it does not impart a high sensation and can be your excellent travel companion. But, before you travel, make sure to check with the legalities attached to cannabis use in a place or country, as it is still illegal in some parts of the World.

    3.   Elderberry

    One of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the World, Elderberry is full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Its flowers, leaves, and fruit are rich in vitamins and may help in fighting common cold and flu. The minor infections that you may get while traveling from one place to another may find a cure with a herbal tea made out of Elderberry leaves. Also, you can go for elderberry juices available in the market. Elderberry can support your immune system, and give you the boost of extra energy to move from one place to another effortlessly.

    4.   Holy basil

    Holy basil is one of the most beneficial herbs to use while you’re traveling. You can make a concoction of dried holy basil leaves or can consume them orally. This herb shows antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Widely used in aromatherapy, its essential oil helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Apart from being a remedy for the common cold and cough, you can take holy basil to boost the immune system. It can relieve minor stomach ailment. One herb that may combat many diseases, boost your immunity, and fight minor travel infections, it can readily be one of your favorite multipurpose herb in your travel kit.

    5.   Citronella

    Citronella is another multifunctional herb that can relax muscle spasm and inflammation. This powerful herb can be useful on a camping night as its influential scent act as a mosquito and insect repellent as well. Its essential oil stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce swelling. Ancient medicines use it for the treating of skin infections and fungus and keep skin diseases at bay. It also shows excellent healing properties and can soothe minor wounds. However, citronella may be most appropriate for a topical application in the form of essential oil and not orally, unless recommended by a doctor.

    The final thought

    Carrying herbs without allergen tests on yourself can be dangerous too. So, you may seek medical advice about their proper use and dosage before inculcating them in your regime while traveling. Some herbs may work better as an essential oil or as balms. You can directly purchase them from the market or get a recipe.

    Also, when you are traveling, you may want to check about the legalities and use of the herbs in other areas, states, and countries.

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