5 of the Best Cruises for the Over 60’s

    With around 16 million people taking a cruise in 2011, the popularity of this type of break is beyond doubt. But what makes one cruise more suitable than another for the over 60 age group? Of course the health care and types of entertainment on board are very important, but there are perhaps, some deeper considerations too.

    River cruise
    River cruise

    Most important is the itinerary. Those of a senior age are not necessarily going to want to walk down the gangway straight into the party capital of the Italian Riviera. Many older cruisers have a lifetime of travel experience and want to see new places, experience new cultures and steep themselves in the history of people that live quite differently from the way they do. Another important factor is the view from the window, balcony or deck. Some older people may have restricted mobility. A cruise that takes in nothing but the open ocean between destinations may not necessarily be the most interesting. Being able to take in a scenic view while cruising becomes very important. With all of this in mind, we have compiled a list of five cruises selected as being more suitable for the over 60 age group.

    Black Sea Cruise

    The Black Sea is considered to be the first place ever settled by mankind when we gave up our nomadic lifestyle and put down some roots more than 4000 years ago. The northern area along the coast of the Ukraine offers some historic gems in Odessa and Savostapol whilst heading further towards Turkey you have Constanta in Romania and Bulgarian jewels like Varna and Nessebar that immerse you in cultures steeped with history and tradition. This is a complete break from the busy waterways of the Mediterranean

    River Cruise Paris to Istanbul

    Can you imagine a trip on a floating hotel through Europe? Experiencing river cruises in Europe is unique option to float right to the gateway of Asia. This European river cruise takes you through the notorious Rhine Valley where there seems to be a castle at every bend in the river. It then takes to the mighty Danube in Austria, through Serbia and on to the chaotic and yet beautiful city of Istanbul. An idyllic way to experience the sights, sounds and variety of cultures that Europe has to offer, and all without constant bag packing or presenting yourself at border crossings.

    Norwegian Fjord Cruise

    Many people consider the sailing route for this cruise to be one of the most scenic in the world. Not just about frozen landscapes and the northern lights (although this is a very beautiful aspect to the trip) the Norwegian coastline also features lush forests and pretty coastal villages. With an itinerary that may well cover visits to Stavanger, Geiranger, Trondheim, and Honningsvag, you will be graced yourself with constant scenic views as you sail in and out of these natural beauty spots.. An added bonus for UK passengers is that many of these northern cruises actually depart from UK ports.

    Amazon River Cruise

    Returning to the river cruise theme, there is none mightier than the king of rivers, the Amazon. An Amazon rainforest cruise through Peru is a fantastic way to experience something different that not many people ever get to experience. Don’t forget to pack your camera because everywhere you look there is another stunning vista or an exciting wildlife scene to capture. No longer just expedition boats, the modern river cruisers on the Amazon are the ultimate in luxury and designed to give you maximum visibility. As well as pristine natural beauty the itinerary will undoubtedly include opportunities to explore the Peruvian cities of Lima and Aquitos where visitors can experience the unique South American culture.

    The Asia Cruise

    For something stimulating and different, the Asia cruise is well worth considering. Taking in world class cities in five different Asian countries is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be savoured. Generally, departing from Singapore you would head up the Gulf of Thailand with potential for stopping in on the islands of Koh Samui and Laem Chebang (near Bangkok). Proceeding around tip of Vietnam and through the China Sea, the trip ends in Hong Kong. A truly amazing opportunity to experience a small taste of much of what Asia has to offer; including of course, variations of deliciously authentic Asian food that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

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