5 Summer Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank!

    Summer Vacation
    Summer Vacation

    As the country continues to confront the challenges of a sagging economy, some people believe they cannot afford to take a vacation. However, there are many ways to have an excellent, relaxing and satisfying experience that can exceed that of traditional and expensive travel. Below are some considerations of that idea.
    1. Stay-cations
    They have become more popular over the years as people realize that they can create scenarios which feel as though they have left town, right outside their doors. Because people are so busy with their lives, there are usually plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure right in town that most do not have time to enjoy. Individuals and families might make day trips to tourist sites, go swimming, horseback riding, play paint ball, hike or visit museums. Because the cost of travel aside from gas is eliminated, there is more cash available to visit and enjoy local venues of all types.
    2. Camper or RV Rental
    Families can venture out in a camper or RV at much less cost than airfare and lodgings. Most vacations these days involve several forms of transport, like travel by or from trains, buses or cars to an airport, and then a car rental once arriving at the destination. It costs far less money for transport and accommodations by renting a camper or RV. Also, there is much more space and privacy for increased comfort.
    Similar to travel insurance, caravan insurance, offered by companies like Monkey insurance in the UK, can give peace of mind for vacationers by ensuring that any unfortunate mishaps will be covered.
    3. Cultural Events and Historical Tours
    They usually occur in every town or state. One great way to spend leisure time is to take advantage of the numerous walking tours and similar opportunities in home towns. Most people who go on these tours find that they learn a lot of interesting information about where they live that they never knew before. Every city and state hosts annual events, particularly over the summer months.
    4. Nature Trips
    This is a fantastic way for any family to bond while enjoying the great outdoors. While this may seem like an expensive proposition, the truth is that there are many opportunities in which to indulge. Industries all over the world offer the opportunity to live and eat free of charge for certain services. For instance, organic farms offer luscious food and accommodations in exchange for the chance to pick fruit and do other types of work. Some farms allow children as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
    5. Volunteering
    Volunteering is another avenue to consider. Many organizations are in need of people to help with all types of activities. Local organizations offer numerous ways for people to give back to their communities. In fact, some people choose to support several organizations over a one or two week period. One other major advantage is that these opportunities also offer the chance to network, which can lead to more fulfilling employment.
    There are also volunteer vacations that involve going to exotic locales, most lasting for at least one week. Usually, full accommodations, meals and other perks are offered when donating time for worthy causes.
    Some of the most rewarding vacations involve participating in community events and festivals or volunteering in some capacity. The above are just some of the ways that a vacation may be had without spending a fortune.
    Always looking for the ever present ‘alternative route’ inspires Nadine Swayne to offer this information to fellow travelers. When planning a trip, it’s imperative to make sure you’re covered, whether with a travelers’ or caravan/RV policy. At Monkey insurance, found online at Monkey(dot)co(dot)uk, you’ll be advised what coverage you’ll need to create the perfect vacation!

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