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    London, capital to England and the United Kingdom, slated to be the largest city in the European Union, has a history that traces back to over two thousand years to the Roman era when it was known as Londinium. The blend of medieval vestiges with its modern appeal has given this city an unenviable charm. If you are a first-time  visitor to London, you would naturally, follow the dictates of the travel books and guides who will give priority to the world heritage sites like, 1) the Tower of London, 2) Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, 3) Westminster Abbey, The Palace of Westminster and St. Margaret’s Church and 4) Maritime Greenwich. Other than this, you have the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, and Hampton Court Palace, and the Big Ben. Changing of the queen’s Guards, a visit to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly, with exquisite shopping at Harrods and  a Visit to St Paul’s Cathedral or a visit to the London Eye, a Ferris Wheel, giving you a panoramic view of London., are all a must see.

    If you have been to London several times, and have already seen what the guides push down your throat, here are a few tips of five different types of entertainment that may go down well with you.

    Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

    This tour is a very adventurous trip that you can book online. You can start the tour at the East Aldgate underground station and takes the route of that was made famous by the gory exploits Jack the Ripper The tour is conducted at night, so you will have to make sure that you are wearing warm clothes and right foot wear for the tour. This trip will take you through the back alleys of London, noisy pubs, and creepy streets. The tour guides are well informed about the history of London and can guide you efficiently through the tour.

    Camden Town

    Camden town is, in fact, a street that is lined with shops and stalls. There are hundreds of shops, and you can shop there or just window shop. The display is so alluring that you will surely end up buying something. Going by the unpredictable weather in London, you cannot say when it may start to rain, but a good portion of this market is covered and allows you to loiter freely, even if it rained.

    Eat At Pizza Express

    The best pizza express is near the Shakespeare’s globe theatre. The food here is Italian, and it is not very costly. Therefore, if you are interested in appetizers, a good meal and a delicious dessert, then this is just the place for you.

    Consider A Trip To London With Children

    When you are on a trip to London with children, Diana’s Memorial playground is a must see. The children will be thrilled no end with its chief attraction, a Pirate ship with a big sand pit surrounding it where the children will get pleasure from building sand castles and simply enjoy themselves. You could take your children to the ST James Park. The Park has a large pond with a lot of ducks, pelicans, and black swans. There is also the Science Museum with the “Garden” in the basement, which provides multiple activities for children below five years. These activities include water sports like floats, water wheels, and water squirts.

    Therefore, if you ever happen to travel to London, be sure that you do these five things.  You are sure to find immense pleasure.

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