5 Ways To Fund Your Travels

    Fund Your Travels
    Fund Your Travels

    So, you’ve been planning another trip for quite some time now, but with the cost of flying these days, it feels like you’ll never be able to scrape together enough money for the trip.

    Well, maybe reading this article will be the first step on your journey of a thousand miles. Listen up, because we’re going to cover 5 ways to fund your travels abroad without going bankrupt.

    1. Find a seasonal job that pays enough to allow travel during the off-season.

    This is one of the safer strategies for “getting free” promoted by author and world traveler Adam Dudley.

    He points out that schoolteachers, professors, fishers, athletes, construction workers, and people in similar occupations usually have time off to travel each year using the money they have already earned.

    If you can’t find this type of job locally, you might be able to start your own seasonal business instead.

    1. Teach English abroad.

    A dream for many educated Americans, teaching English overseas can be a way to fund your travels and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

    According to Lorna Selley, a freelance writer and travel buff, while most countries just require foreign teachers to have a TEFL certificate and Bachelor’s degree, the best jobs are reserved for people with at least two years of teaching experience. However, many TEFL programs do offer training and certification, along with job placement.

    She advises new teachers to focus on Taiwan, South Korea, and China, while experienced teachers can find more profitable jobs in the Middle East and Hong Kong.

    1. Freelance online while traveling.

    As long as you plan to travel somewhere with a decent Internet connection, freelancing online to fund your trip can be a good option.

    First, spend some time on websites like,, and to see what’s in demand. Popular services that businesses hire freelancers for include web design, programming, blog writing, article spinning, social media marketing, SEO optimization, data entry, and graphic design.

    Then, set up a profile on the website that best fits your needs and focus on services that you already know how to provide. You can learn more as you go along.

    Be sure to buy a sturdy laptop and quality laptop case if you go this route!

    1. Use travel credit cards.

    A good travel rewards credit card can earn you two points for each dollar you spend on travel, along with introductory bonus points. These points can be put toward goodies like frequent flyer miles or gift cards to fight the high cost of flying.

    Great travel credit card deals also include handy perks like car rental insurance, baggage insurance, travel accident insurance, $0 fraud liability, roadside assistance, general airline rewards, gas rewards, and more.

    This method works particularly well for short-term travel.

    1. Work on a cruise ship.

    With a cruise ship job, you can enjoy a trip to the Caribbean and other tourist-friendly spots.

    Salaries vary a lot, warns writer Lorna Selley, from minimum-wage cooking jobs to lucrative management and entertainment positions.

    You will generally get free room and board, travel en-route and back home, laundry service, health insurance, ship board discounts, and discounts on cruise rates for family and friends. The work itself can be hectic, but you’ll know you’re traveling in style!
    Daniela Baker is a blogger at CreditDonkey, where her team recently published the real cost of flying.  She’s been bitten by the travel bug at an early age.  As you can see, with some hard work and a few good travel credit card deals, you can go off on another adventure no matter what the economy is doing.   Adiós y buena suerte!

    I have spent the past 15 years in the travel industry. Today focused on promoting different ways of traveling, I'm in the process of creating few travel websites, which will be launched shortly. I have a great passion for travel and the travel industry. My goal here atTtripOutlook is to connect to other proffessionals in the travel industry and to exchange experience.

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