6 Mountain Biking Tips Every Beginner Should Know

    Mountain biking is a thrilling sport and can give you an adrenaline rush, but only if you have the right gear and know what you are doing. While riding across different terrains is super exciting, there is more to mountain biking than your surrounding environment. Mountain bike tours in Scottsdale can help you understand how to bike in a safe and respectful manner. Here are 6 mountain biking tips that every beginner should know and follow religiously.

    • Loosen Your Body

    While you are riding your bike, it is important to keep your body loose so that the bike can easily move underneath your weight. You should hover yourself in the air when you are riding over rocks and steep terrains. When you lift yourself off the seat, this will give you and the bike room to move freely.

    • Maintain Momentum

    It is important to never use your brakes too much. This will hinder your momentum and make it difficult to make sharp turns. You should only use your brakes when you are moving through rocky terrain and are being pushed to your limits.

    • Balance Your Weight

    Your weight needs to shift on your bike to ensure the ride is smooth. When you are going up a steep incline, throw your weight to the front of the bike. When going downhill, throw your weight to the rear end of the bike. This will help you steady yourself and make sure you do not go flying over the handlebars.

    • Go Easy on the Brakes

    Mountain biking is all about speed modulation and not how well you can use the brakes. Adjusting your bike’s speed is the name of the game. Before a steep or tricky turn, you can modulate the speed of the mountain bike so you do not have to use the brakes. Using the brakes too much will contribute to the wear and tear of your bike.

    • Shift Between Gears

    It is a misconception that shifting between gears during mountain biking is bad practice. On the contrary, beginners are encouraged to anticipate the changes in terrain and modulate the gears to better prepare themselves for what they are going to experience.

    • Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

    Look where you are going. This is perhaps the simplest yet most important piece of advice for mountain biking beginners. Thanks to modern technology, you can see what the terrain will look like and what you should expect. If it has rained a day before, then you should know the track will be slippery and muddy.

    If you are riding a mountain bike for the first time, then you should absolutely enjoy every moment of your adventure. However, you should follow the tips mentioned above to keep yourself safe and prevent any unnecessary accidents. While many of these tips are super simple, we are confident that they will prepare you for any difficult moments you may encounter along the way.

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